July 7, 2006

G84: Red Sox 7, White Sox 2

It seemed like Jon Lester stayed out of trouble a little more than in his last couple of starts (6-6-2-3-3, 95). Two walks got him into a first inning mess and he allowed three singles to start the third, but in both cases, he was touched for only one run, each courtesy of a sac fly.

With the Good Sox up 5-2, Manny Delcarmen was given the 7th inning -- and allowed only an infield hit. He's looking better and better. Mike Timlin pitched a perfect 8th and Julian Tavarez took care of the ninth (once the Sox had opened it up with solo home runs from Lowell and Crisp).

David Ortiz lined his 30th home run of the season in the first inning, becoming the first Sock to have 30 before the break. In the Dept. of WTF, Alex Gonzalez went 4-for-4!

So nice to see Tampa, fresh off battling us for four games, roll over for Jaret Wright and the Yankees (who won 1-0). Kansas City pummeled Toronto, pushing the Jays 6 GB.

Media: I half-listened to the White Sox radio guys for the first five innings. They were not as bad as the Hawk and his sidekick (who could be?), but they sounded utterly bored and they both announced almost everything in a slightly annoyed monotone. (I may have to break down and listen to Joe and Jerry on Saturday, however. Ugh.) I was able to watch the last two innings on ESPN, where Steve Stone was actually pretty decent.


Jon Lester (3.08 (2.45 on road)) / Mark Buerhle (3.86), 8 PM

In his last start, on Sunday at Wrigley Field, Buehrle allowed 10 earned runs and 13 hits in five innings.

Some Sox against Buerhle:

Manny Ramirez: 8-for-14 (.444), one double, three homers, eight RBIs and six walks. ... David Ortiz: 13-for-37 (.351), one home run and five RBIs. ... Jason Varitek: 9-for-20 (.450), two home runs and four RBIs. ... Coco Crisp: 10-for-26 (.385), two home runs and five RBIs.


Zenslinger said...

David Ortiz:

Is he hot or is he hot?

Nother 2R HR.

brian said...

First time I've seen Lester throw on TV. Impressive. I like the way he changes speeds. Control is still an issue, but right now he's "effectively wild."

Big Win. Delcarmen has officially become Mr. 7th Inning. Timlin has been real sharp since that rough outing in TB on Tuesday. Tavarez has been pitching better. (He leads our bullpen in IP.)

Another odd stat: Who would have though that 84 games into the season Alex Gonzalez (.284) would be batting higher than Papi (.280). Gonzo and Lowell have both really delivered in the 1st half with their bats. We knew the gloves would be there, but they haven't been liabilities at the plate at all.

Finish your 1st half strong tomorrow Josh Beckett.

Stankyfish said...

Gee, after listening to "Hawk" Harrelson on WEEI this afternoon proclaim the 2006 White Sox the greatest team since the 1970's Athletics, Joe Crede the best third baseman in 50 years and Ozzie Guillen the best manager he's ever seen in 44 years in baseball, I'm surprised they even bothered to play the game tonight. Why not just forfeit? What a homer.

Way to go tonight, Sox.

Jack Marshall said...

I think I found the dumbest broadcast team ever: the Chisox radio pair...don't even know their names, but Oh---My---God.
Morons. There was a ten minute conversation over the color guy's remark that sometimes it was better to be BEHIND in a game (the Red Sox had a 2-0 lead) than ahead, because, you know, it focuses you. Then the play by play guy, who also spoke some weird language that resembled English but wasn't, pointed out that "The position of an umpire on the field is measured by where he's standing"

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Ken Harrelson, who long ago was Boston's Nehru-jacketed, bargain basement version of Broadway Joe Namath.

For those who have not been exposed to the inane, excruciating musings of The Hawk, consider yourself fortunate, as the legions of Chisox fans weigh-in regularly at a web site devoted to building grass roots support to fire "The Hawkster", wwww.heavethehawk.com.

Among many other amusing gems, you can find the "10 Reasons Why The Hawk Must Go". Stankyfish, dinner is served:

4. "The Best at this/that" You can count on The Hawk to tell you who the best player in any particular situation is- no matter how specific. "'Nobody can draw a walk in a day game like Carl Yastrzemski, DJ. Nobody. He's the best I've ever seen at that."

I think if given the option, Steve McQueen would have opted to take his ball and glove to the cooler for a month rather than being tortured by listening to a Chisox game with Harrelson at the mike. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: we need to thank our lucky stars for Remy & Orsillo.

Zenslinger said...

I was yet again watching without the benefit of sound in my local. MLB.com lists no errors for the Sox, and Yahoo lists one but doesn't specify. Was the grounder deep to short that went off the heel of Alex Gonzalez's glove scored an error?

Jack said...

Zen - it wa scored an error initially but changed to a hit by the start of the next inning.

allan said...

Jack, I heard that also.

I don't know who those guys where either -- and I don't care enough to look it up -- but I think they are both former players.

The reasoning was something like:

If a team has a lead, then it gets lazy, and the other team can come back and win.

But if the team is trailing, then it stays focused and can come back and win.

Their tone was so annoying. I can't really describe it -- bitterness, annoyance, exasperation at having to call the game? It was really off-putting. Plus they called a run-scoring line drive in the gap the exact same way they called a first pitch ball to start off an inning.

P.S.: When Kapler first came up, one guy said, with an obvious smirk in this voice, "He's lost a lot of weight, hasn't he?"

Oh, just say what you mean or STFU.

Zenslinger said...

Thanks, Blackjack. Would have been annoyed on Gonzo's behalf if that had been scored an error.

Jack Marshall said...

Redsock...yeah, I heard the nasty Kapler comment too, and it really pissed me off. All indications are that Kap got his muscles the old fashioned way, and he shouldn't have to put up with that kind of innuendo.
They are ex-players: Ed Farmer and Chris Singleton. At least Hawk is CHEERFULLY dumb...you're right: these guys are dumb and MEAN.