July 28, 2006

Foulke: One Perfect Inning

Keith Foulke started for Lowell on Friday night, pitching one perfect inning and keeping the ball in the infield:
Vermont Top 1st
Jonathan Martinez pops out to third.
Jeremy Goldschmeding pops out to second.
Justin Maxwell strikes out swinging.
The box score doesn't include pitches thrown, so we'll have to wait for the morning papers for more info. ... Lowell won the game 7-5; Josh Papelbon picked up his 6th save.

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Peter N said...

Wow, I did a double take when I read Josh Papelbon's name in your post. The future is coming up, and so is August, September, and beyond. I like the beyond. Have a great weekend, with 2 Sox wins before Boomer. A must.