July 31, 2006

G104: Red Sox 9, Cleveland 8

All you can do is laugh.

Cora singles, Yook walks, and with one out, Ortiz swings at an 2-0 pitch and hits it to deep center. ... Three-run home run. ... Red Sox win 9-8.

He cannot possibly be human.


Paul Byrd (4.71) / David Wells (8.64), 7 PM
Sizemore, CF Youkilis, 1B
Michaels, LF Loretta, 2B
Hafner, DH Ortiz, DH
Martinez, 1B Ramirez, LF
Blake, RF Lowell, 3B
Peralta, SS Varitek, C
Luna, 2B Crisp, CF
Shoppach, C Pena, RF
Marte, 3B Cora, SS
Jermaine Van Buren was sent down to make room for Wells, who returns for his first start since May 26. Terry Francona: "Our medical people think he'll be fine, or we wouldn't do this. ... But I'm going to hold my breath every time he fields a bunt. ... His arm is in great shape. If he gets up to 95 to 100 pitches, that's probably the max."

Byrd has a 2.87 ERA in his 11 starts since May 21, but his last time out, he gave up seven runs on 10 hits in 3.1 to Detroit.

BTW: I guess the trade dealine is the top priority in the media at the moment, so that's why we read nothing about Trot Nixon jogging to first base on his 3-6-3 DP to end the first inning last night and nothing about his misplaying Adam Kennedy's single into a triple in the corner the following inning. Yeah, that must be it. ... Let the Wily Mo Era begin.


thatdietcokegirl said...

wells...despite the score was better than i expected.
from the 3rd inning snyder had been warming on and off in the pen, with the lead going back and forth on both sides.
now in the 5th, there were runners at the corners with two down and casey blake at the plate who'd already taken wells deep once as well as deep on a fly ball, but does tito go to the bullpen to get snyder? no, he leaves him in there to give up a three run homer.


laura k said...

so that's why we read nothing about Trot Nixon jogging to first base on his 3-6-3 DP to end the first inning last night

Now Allan, you know gritty white guys always run out ground balls. Only long-haired slackers named Ramirez fail to do so. Get your stereotypes straight.

9casey said...

What happened to Varitek?

allan said...

sprained left knee, i believe, when he went into second base in the 2nd inning.

allan said...

1. i like wily mo.

2. tito's insistence in having wells go 5 -- and qualify for a W -- came back, as it has so often, to bite him in the ass.

thatdietcokegirl said...

and once again, it all doesn't matter cause we got all the upgrade we need in the form of david ortiz.

;D!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down*

how bout willy mo???
and how bout snyder!

i'm happy right now :))

laura k said...

Lowell's reaction was priceless. He looked just like we did.

Kyle said...

Snyder pitched extremely well. Now, can we just use him as the long man for the rest of the season?

I was OK with Tito leaving Wells in to face Blake. If he brings in Snyder and he gives up the home run, he still gets grilled.

O'Brien actually had a great play by play call of the walkoff HR! He embodied the excitement of the fans!

How about Wily Mo matching Manny and Papi for HR's and nearly hitting for the cycle!!!

From the Vined Smithy said...

Yeah, if that's the beginning of the Wily Mo era, let it be long and filled with similar nights.

For awhile, the go-to comment has been, "What's left to say about David Ortiz?" Now that's been said so many times it seems like it's become a cliche in its own right. When does this stop being awesome and start being kinda spooky? (It's a rhetorical question; I know it's always awesome.)