July 23, 2006

e.e. gammings

Random Notes
Rumors are swirling that Mike Hampton has a tattoo of a cotton ball on his ear.

How crazy is the media contingent following Brent Clevlen? He and Ramon Santiago went out to visit some factories, and when they came out of one, there were three TV crews from Biloxi waiting for him, ready to ask him about the about the rumor that he has started a collection of tater tots.

One thing the Red Sox don't have to worry about is Rudy Seanez being tolerant, as he is so every day.

Nick Swisher, who has always been considered somewhat dogmatic, had a dream one night that he was locked inside some phone booths being chased by a giant artichoke, and when he woke up he found he had a cut lung, which will keep him out two weeks, and the Athletics think they will get by if Jeremy Brown, a favorite of Ken Macha, steps up.

Isn't it ironic that Like This by Leftfield was playing on the Mariners public address system, just as Bill Bavasi, who is as clear-headed as they come, was talking to Mike Hargrove about Ichiro Suzuki, who showed up at spring training looking like a puma, totally contrasting Mike Morse, whose religious conversion was impressive, which makes one wonder if in thier disgust and disappointment they were discussing the widely rumored deal with the Mets for Anderson Hernandez?
The last report (a little more than a week ago) I read on Peter Gammons was that he had left the hospital and was in rehab, walking fine and not expected to have any long-term affects. One quote: "I have to write."

Gammons was a huge inspiration to me as a teenager, both in becoming a Red Sox/baseball fan and a writer, and I hope Old Hickory is healthy and back doing what he loves very soon.

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