July 21, 2006

G95: Red Sox 9, Mariners 4

Synder pitched four strong innings and made it through the fifth fairly unscathed. He had a leg cramp while warming up for the sixth. Hansen, Delcarmen and Timlin finished up.

Boston whacked five home runs off Moyer (Ortiz, Gonzalez, Varitek, Youkilis and Ramirez); indeed, Moyer allowed six hits in 4.1 innings: 5 HR and one double.

Toronto battered Jaret Wright for four runs in the first inning and beat New York 7-3. ... The Red Sox led the Yankees by 3.5 games. The Jays are still 5.5 back.


Kyle Snyder (10.03) / Jamie Moyer (3.75), 10 PM

It's the first West Coast trip of the year: three games each in Seattle and Oakland.

The Yankees (Wright) continue their series tonight in Toronto (Burnett).


9casey said...

Did you see the rumors about trading Lowell to the Padres for pitching?

Joe Grav said...

Where'd these rumors come from? and who would we get in return?

I don't like the idea of breaking up this infield.

Zenslinger said...

Wilbur debunks the idea of a Lowell for Peavy trade as being too dumb an idea for the Padres.

A-Rod gets another throwing error vs. the Blue Jays in the fourth. Jays up, 6-3 (to be fair, A-Rod hit a 3R HR).

Jere said...

But to continue to be unfair, A-Rod also missed a grounder on the first batter of the game, leading to a four-run inning, and couldn't find an easy foul pop on the same hitter he ended up allowing to reach on the bad throw.

9casey said...

I think breaking up the infiled is stupid to........odd though that Ortiz is at first base and Youk at third...I saw the rumors on espn.com and boston.com

Zenslinger said...

Nice to see four scoreless from Snyder and his ERA plummet. All-HR attack is unrelenting. With the Yanks' loss...well, it looks like a good day.

Joe Grav said...

So far. Hold your breath though, you never know with Snyder. Lets hope he can get thru these next few.

allan said...


Lowell is still sick, that's all.



Peter N said...

READ THIS: the Lowell trade is a figment of someone's imagination. And especially after seeing last night's Snyder stuff, it makes even less sense. So file it under "idiocy." I have. And then it was shredded.

Zenslinger said...

So if A-Rod is actually a liability in the field, does that mean he should suffer in any MVP voting whereas Ortiz should break even by not playing the field?