July 4, 2006

G81: Devil Rays 9, Red Sox 6

I. Am. Annoyed.

Watching the Sox drop their second straight game to the Devil Rays is one thing. To have also to listen to three hours of Dewayne "That 70s Hair" Staats and Joe Migraine is quite another.


Curt Schilling (3.54) / Casey Fossum (5.03), 4:15 PM

In two games against Fossum this year, Boston batters are hitting a collective .205.
       IP  H  R ER BB  K  ETC
0418 6.1 6 2 2 2 1 107 pit; Sox 7-4
0428 6.0 3 0 0 5 2 106 pit; TB 5-2
Schilling vs. Rays
       IP  H  R ER BB  K  ETC
0419 6.0 6 1 1 1 7 108 pit; Sox 9-1
0430 6.0 6 3 3 1 9 98 pit; TB 5-4
0527 7.0 8 4 4 0 7 111 pit; Sox 7-4 (200th win)


brian said...

Clement left his rehab start in the 2nd. Great. If someone could emerge as a #5 then this would be no big deal. Sadly, Clement is our best option for the 5th starter.

Time for Curt to show Ozzie how an All Star really pitches.

Anonymous said...

Top 6...Fossum out, Harville in, Manny and Tek reach with 0 out, great chance to jump back in the game...so why doesn't Francona use the sac bunt with the suddenly struggling Lowell? It was a perfect situation to lay one down.

If not for Huff's over exuberance fielding the grounder up the line, the Rays could have turned a TP instead of just a force at 3rd. With runners on 1st and 2nd (instead of 2nd and 3rd), Nixon whiffs, but Kapler comes through with a bullet to left to plate a run (instead of two).

We exit the inning with but one run to show for it....thanks for playing, Tito.

brian said...

The gopher ball continues to plague our 2 aces.

Jason Johnson needs to play stopper tomorrow. Gotta escape Tampa with a split.

thatdietcokegirl said...

exactly yaz-tex! i was thinking the same thing. two on with no outs? MOVE EM OVER!
i feel like the coach in the natural, 'dammit tito, you know how i hate losing to tampa!@'

~**Dawn**~ said...

i will drink to your opening commentary.

and have i mentioned that i *hate* domes??

Iain said...

A terrible ballgame in a terrible ballpark in front of terrible fans (that heckler guy) broadcast by terrible announcers.

What a fun way to spend a Tuesday evening...