July 15, 2006

G89: Red Sox 7, Athletics 0

Curt Schilling rights the ship (7-2-0-1-9, 102), with help from David Ortiz (HR #32, triple #1 and RBI #88-89-90), Manny Ramirez (3-for-5), and Mike Lowell (two doubles).

The Yankees beat the White Sox 14-3 and Toronto edged Seattle 7-6 in 14, so Boston's lead in the East stays the same -- 1.5 over New York and 4.5 over the Blue Jays.


Peter N said...

Schill was so ON, there was no off button. And Hansen for 1, and 1 only, should be the plan for the future, be it for the 6th, 7th, or 8th. The 9th...we're covered. And a win today, after losing the first 2, would be so sweet.

Jack Marshall said...

I'm with Redsock...there's no reason to limit Hansen to one inning...or Papelbon, Timlin or DelCarmen, for that matter. Francona burns too many pitchers as it is, like most managers. If the pitcher has his stuff, let him pitch. It worked that way from about 1900-1980 or so, until Tony LaRussa-ism took over. Dumb, if you ask me. Each new pitcher is another chance to find the guy who doesn't have it that day.