July 3, 2006

G80: Devil Rays 3, Red Sox 0

Scott Kazmir threw the first complete game of his career, limiting the Red Sox to two hits (9-2-0-2-10, 120). Alex Gonzalez singled in the third and Manny Ramirez doubled in the ninth. (Jason Varitek struck out four times.)

Josh Beckett surrendered three solo home runs (he's given up 22 already this year), including back-to-back shots from Russell Branyan and Ty Wigginton in the fifth. Wigginton also hit one in the third.

AL East: Cleveland beat the Yankees 5-2.


s1c said...

The Jays lost also, no changes in the top 3 teams of the east. Look for schilling to win tomorrow as he is p o ed about being left off the All star roster. His last game before the break against the Sox ought to be a doozy as he tries to stick it in Ozzies well, you know where.

Peter N said...

I was going to bring up the fact that s1c did, that Schill has 2 chances to prove that his snub was wrong. One this afternoon, at grilltime, and one next Sunday night, with a nationwide audience and yards from Ozzie himself. Happy holiday all!

Edward Lee said...

I think Bronson Arroyo had the right idea as to how to beat Kazmir -- throw at a couple Tampa Bay batters, then sit back and watch Kazmir retaliate and get ejected.