July 29, 2006

G102: Red Sox 7, Angels 6 (11)

A wonderful day.

First, the Fox game offers us not Tim McCarver, but Jerry Remy! ... Roughly four hours later, after the ups and downs of falling behind 6-3 and rallying with an three-run eighth, David Ortiz adds another walk-off hit to his legendary collection with an opposite field single in the 11th inning (box). Tiz finished the day 4-for-5 with 4 RBI, giving him 99 for the season.

(And don't forget Manny Ramirez's perfect throw home in the top of the 11th, nailing Mike Napoli trying to score from second base. Mike Lowell: "I've always said he throws the straightest ball of any left fielder I've ever played with. He's on the money. He didn't panic, he took his time, he fired it to home and he threw a strike. I think he's very underrated in that sense.")

In New York, Tampa routed the Yankees 19-6, scoring in all but the first and ninth innings. The Red Sox lead the East by 1.5 -- and Toronto is 6 GB.


Jered Weaver (1.15) / Josh Beckett (4.77), 1:20 PM

Beckett has won his last two outings, allowing only three runs over 14 innings. He has pitched at least six innings in seven of his last eight starts.

Jered Weaver, 23 years old and the 12th overall pick in the 2004 draft, will try to become the first pitcher to win his first eight starts since Dodger rookie Fernando Valenzuela in 1981. Boo Ferriss of the 1945 Red Sox also won his first eight starts. (The American League record is nine wins, set by the Yankees' Whitey Ford in 1950. Hooks Wiltse of the 1904 New York Giants holds the major league record with 12.)

From the Globe:
Weaver has lasted at least six innings in each of his starts but has never worked more than seven. He has five pitches in his repertoire -- a 90-96 mile-per-hour four-seam fastball, an 87-90 mile-per-hour two-seamer, a slider that hits around 84, a decent curveball, and a changeup.

Much like Red Sox starter Josh Beckett, Weaver has quickly become known for showing emotion on the mound, fist pumping and yelling after big outs during the game. ...
Weaver admits that he's been nervous in all of his starts: "It still hasn't kicked in that I'm [in the majors] ... but I'm getting used to it."


The Ravin' Mainah said...


allan said...

bad move -- but papi took care of things.

he knew we wouldn't survive a second inning from sexy lips.

Desert Sox said...

But seriously, I feel pretty confident in saying that Tavarez, when he's been brought in to start an inning has much better numbers than when he is given inherited runners. Today is an example as are the three innings of scoreless ball he tossed in the 19 inning game against the Bad Sox.

Desert Sox said...

Anyone can talk about clutch players they have seen Yaz in his prime...Pre-Balco Barry Bonds so many greats David 'Big Papi' Ortiz is the greatest I have ever seen, and probably will ever see at hitting in the clutch.

9casey said...

I dont ever really get on Tito ,.......But after a leadoff double by Youk in the ninth Loretta has to BUNT........

Anonymous said...

A logical question posed by 9casey but one answered succinctly by Remy during yesterday's broadcast.

Youk was in scoring position already at 2nd. If Loretta had pushed him over to 3rd, Sciosia gives Papi the IBB anyway to keep the DP in order for Manny.

In other words, though you move Youk up 90 feet, you take the bat out of Papi's hands anyway. Why give up the out?

Jack Marshall said...

1) I hope they remember this game at MVP time, because it was very close to a must-win, and a perfect example of our wonderful DH's ability to rise to the occasion.
2) Taveras just has to go...I've seen enough, and I can't believe that Tito hasn't. He hits the first batter in extra innings? Put in Lopez, put in Cora...ANYBODY with two arms.
Except Rudy, of course.
3)Remy is right about bunting in that situation. But the real head-scratcher was Varitek being asked to bunt. If Tito has that little faith in Tek at the plate these days (and who could blame him?) WHY does he keep batting him 5th and 6th? This makes ZERO sense to me.