July 31, 2006

Nixon on DL

Trot Nixon was put on the disabled list with "a grade two biceps strain".

Michael Silverman, Herald:
We just got out of a meeting with Terry Francona and he told us that according to GM Theo Epstein, "nothing has happened and he doesn't foresee anything happening." That was from a phone call they had just before 4 o’clock, so there is a small chance something could have happened but it appears the Red Sox will settle with what they have.
For the final two months of the season, the Yankees picked up Abreu, Lidle and Wilson for Chacon. ... I'm very glad the Sox didn't panic and give up any young talent, but assuming there are no late announcements -- and fully understanding that New York needed pitching and got only Lidle -- I'm feeling a bit annoyed at the moment.


Kyle said...

Annoyed? Why? What BIG move did you want Theo to make? Andruw Jones would have been monster but Braves wanted too much.

Yanks now have a bunch of Right fielders and a 5th starter.

No reason to make deals just to make deals.

thatdietcokegirl said...

no deals made.

god why didn't we get kip wells?!?!


i think it all seems big right now. but our line-up ain't that bad. wells is back. wake will be back soon.

the yankees got abreu. those other two acquisitions are like parsley on the plate, abreu is the only thing providing any sustinence there.

still. i feel a bit like i only have 1 present under the tree on xmas morning and it's from the cat.

Zenslinger said...

True. It leaves something unsatisfied in the soul when the Yankees are picking up all sorts of people, but -- I assume they explored deals and explored deals, and in each case the price ended up being too high. Lester/Hansen/Crisp for AJones? Would this not have pissed you off?

I did dream they'd come up with something unthinkable (Willis or Schmidt or someone). But if the deal's not right, it's not right.

Ben Moseley said...

Kip Wells isn't good in the NL which means he would have sucked in the AL. Does anybody remember Jeff Suppan. Do you remember what team he was from. That's right.. Pittsburg. Do you remember who we gave up. Oh yea, only an All-star. Suppan had some decent stats in PNC Park but when he came over to Fenway he was horrible. I hate when the Sox look for NL pitchers, and the only ones I trust are aces like Schilling or Johnson but both of them came up through the AL. If you look at the past years, the ERA differential between the two leagues is a good .15 or so. And I don't think it's worth it. I'm glad the Sox didn't get Lidle. I think he's going to pitch as bad as Ponson. Yes, we have a starting pitching problem, but the only starts I would have felt good about were Zito and Willis. Other then that, no.

thatdietcokegirl said...

its obvious all the talks involved all our young pitchers: papelbon, delcarmen, lester, hansen.

they didn't wanna give them up and i'm glad they didn't.

allan said...

a pitcher, i think.