July 5, 2006

G82: Devil Rays 5, Red Sox 2

"Inexcusable" -- as Jerry Remy called Carl Crawford's straight (and easy) steal of home plate in the 4th inning. The Red Sox have dropped three straight games to the Devil Rays for the first time in seven years (July 6-7-8, 1999).

It is time to pull the plug on the Jason Johnson Era. He has nothing (4-7-5-4-4-3, 85). He allowed no less than three baserunners in each of the first three innings. After Jason Varitek tied the game at 1-1 with a solo shot in the second, Tampa roared back with three runs, putting the Sox in a hole that (for some reason) they could not crawl out of.

Tim Corcoran? Chad Harville? Jon Switzer? Brian Meadows?

You're kidding, right? Jesus Christ. A first place team doesn't get shut down by those arms. Yet, we remain in first, three games up.

Good news (and heretofore believed to be physically impossible): Julian Tavarez pitched three shutout innings.


Jason Johnson (6.22) / Tim Corcoran (1.17), 7:15 PM


thatdietcokegirl said...

i am going to lead a crusade to burn down all baseball domes, starting with the trop.

won't you join me? bring gasoline!

Jere said...

On Extra Innings, I'm getting your boys for the first time in the series. They're incessantly making fun of Youk, because god forbid he complains about a f**king catwalk that's IN PLAY in a Major League ballpark! F those guys.

They keep saying "there's no crying in baseball." Well, there's no catwalk in baseball either, assholes.

DanM said...

The BoSox have been fun to watch this year - except in Tampa. Please, go trade for Arroyo - whatever were we thinking?

Hey RedSock - what are the Sox doing against AL Teams while on the road (Team BA and ERA)? I think it must be aweful compared to at home.

We are off to the Central AL next - our record 3-6. Yanks and Toronto are inching up as we cool down.

Peter N said...

I had the Blue Plate Special yesterday, for real. But it was what I expected. Last night? NOT what I expected. And a win tonight (TIMMY!!) will do much for the trip to White Sox Land. Follow the yellow brick road out of Tampa. And click those heels. They're red, aren't they?

allan said...

Red Sox at home:
.311 AVG (1st in MLB)
.385 OBP (1st in MLB)
.476 SLG (4th in MLB, 4th in AL behind Tor (.525), Clev, CWS, Bal))
3.99 ERA (10th in MLB, 7th in AL)

Red Sox on Road:
.261 AVG (15th in MLB, 8th in AL)
.353 OBP (3rd in MLB, 3rd in AL, behind NYY and Tor)
.440 SLG (7th in MLB, 6th in AL)
5.10 ERA (24th in MLB, 12th in AL (only Tor, Bal, KC are worse))