July 30, 2006

Deadline Drama

Sunday, 1:25 PM -- Julio Lugo leading off for Tampa against the Yankees this afternoon. ... Bobby Abreu has been pulled from Philadelphia's lineup. ... Dustin Pedroia is batting third for Pawtucket this afternoon, and Keith Foulke was stratched from his appearance (no reason yet).

Sunday, 12:35 PM -- Will Carroll writes that the Red Sox
are also closing in on a deal for Julio Lugo, according to sources with other teams. The holdup there is getting an answer on whether Lugo would move to 2B. The backup option for the Red Sox is Dustin Pedroia, not Ron Belliard.
Lugo (hitting .312/.378/.505 right now) played 47 games at second for Houston in 2000-01 and eight games for Tampa in 2004. This would also keep Lugo out of Toronto, but how much should two or three months of free agent Lugo cost (assuming the Sox don't sign him)? ... Is Mark Loretta (.304/.355/.378) going back to San Diego (or St. Louis)?

Sunday, 11:30 AM -- Ken Rosenthal:
The Bobby Abreu trade is likely to happen Sunday, and the Phillies are expected to send the right fielder to the Yankees -— even though the Red Sox are still in the mix ...

The Yankees would get Abreu and right-hander Cory Lidle in their proposed deal, while the Red Sox are negotiating only for Abreu. However, the Sox are working on several other fronts, and their primary motivation apparently is to muddle matters for the Yankees, according to a source close to the talks.
Another reason why the Red Sox are looking for a reliever? From the Herald:
Right-hander Manny Delcarmen is battling inflammation in the capsule near the bottom joint of his right thumb, an injury that began bothering him a week ago. It's causing pain when he throws his breaking ball and is causing all his pitches to cut in toward right-handed batters. His velocity remains unchanged, he said.

Delcarmen, who is taking anti-inflammatory medication, will see a hand specialist today at Fenway Park.
Sunday, 2:00 AM -- Jayson Stark:
[I]t sure looks as if Abreu is moving his act to the Bronx sometime in the next day and a half. And all indications Saturday night were that pitcher Cory Lidle is going to ride that Metroliner along with him ... for a package of three or four of the Yankees' best prospects not named Phillip Hughes or Jose Tabata.
and of Boston's offer of Coco Crisp for Mark Buehrle:
What it indicates to us is just how adventurous the Red Sox could be between now and Monday if the right deal or deals erupt around them. They're not trading any of their marquee young pitching (Jon Lester, Manny Delcarmen or Craig Hansen). So their ticket to a big, outside-the-box blockbuster is clearly to deal from their big-league position-player surplus. That means any of their outfielders except Manny Ramirez, and any of their infielders except Kevin Youkilis. ...

An official of one team that has been brainstorming with the Red Sox says that chain reaction is "logical" and "obvious" -- but also says they're not as far along on those alleged three-team and four-team companion deals as has been advertised. All we know for sure is that they've spent a lot of time this week talking with the Padres, Indians, A's and Rangers -- and those teams have been networking with several other clubs. ... Sunday, says one AL GM, "should be the big day."
Buster Olney (on Sportscenter and BBTN) said the Sox might be trying to get in on a multi-team deal that would bring them Padres reliever Scott Linebrink (game log.

Saturday, 7:40 PM -- Will Carroll offers an update:
The Cubs may be one of the teams involved in the already complex machinations of Kevin Towers and Theo Epstein, though there's no solid evidence that the two are working on the same deal. ...
Greg Maddux is mentioned just before that sentence, but it doesn't sound like he was being linked to any Red Sox rumours.

A SoSHer posts that Buster Olney was on ESPNews saying the Yankees are talking to the Pirates about Roberto Hernandez. Also "a lot of smoke coming from Boston" with several possible three- and four-team deals.

And Bobby Abreu -- mentioned in connection with the Yankees -- is not in the Phillies' starting lineup tonight.

Saturday, 4:20 PM -- More Olney. After mentioning the same stuff about Crisp, the White Sox and Loretta, he writes: "I wish I knew all the details of what the Red Sox are planning, all the tentacles, because the bits and pieces are fascinating."

Saturday, 3:20 PM -- Gordon Edes, Globe: "The Sox this week offered center fielder Coco Crisp to the White Sox for left-handed All-Star Mark Buehrle, perhaps hoping that Buehrle's recent struggles might persuade White Sox GM Kenny Williams to move him. But the White Sox turned the deal down."

Saturday, 2:30 PM -- Will Carroll, Baseball Prospectus (my emphasis):
Everyone's still watching the Red Sox, an organization that's plugged most of their former leaks. Whispers of Coco Crisp and Mark Loretta being shopped are coming from other organizations. The chattering masses (myself included) are trying to connect the dots here without much luck so far. Some of this -- but not all -- is smart use of misdirection. We'll know soon, I'm told. One of my best sources says the first of the Red Sox deals will happen this afternoon.
Saturday, 1:30 PM -- Late last night on Baseball Tonight: Buster Olney said the Red Sox offered Coco Crisp to Chicago for "pitching" and were turned down. Also "offering around" Mark Loretta; perhaps Dustin Pedroia is ready to take over 2B. ... SoSHers wonder if the White Sox pitcher is Brandon McCarthy.

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cardinals are interested in Loretta, but he ties it to the Sox getting Julio Lugo.

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