July 6, 2006

G83: Red Sox 12, Devil Rays 5

Manny Ramirez hits a 2-run bomb in the first, Doug Mirabelli (solo) and David Ortiz (two-run) both go deep in the fifth, then Ortiz bops a grand slam to cap a six-run in the ninth. (In the #9 spot, Alex Gonzalez singled, doubled and tripled.)

The Red Sox had a 5-1 lead in the fifth, watched Tampa close it to 6-5 in the seventh, then pulled away by sending 11 men to the plate in the ninth.

The Yankees also won, 10-4, in Cleveland, so Boston's lead stays at 3 GA.


Tim Wakefield (3.90) / James Shields (4.39), 7:15 PM


San Francisco Red Sox Fan said...

a happy grand salami

brian said...

The bullpen threw real well. 4IP, 1ER. Timlin and Pap went 6 up, 6 down to finish it.

Should be a fun weekend showdown. The pitching matchups have our best 3 taking on their best 3.


Let's take 2 of 3.

allan said...

As Ortiz walked to the plate, I said to Laura, "Ooh, I gotta get my salami ready!"


Then I posted this picture in the SoSH Game Thread (after the HR).


2 of 3?

No. I wanna grind Ozzie's face into the dirt. ... We sweep!

Jack Marshall said...

Hey Brian...calling that group our "best three" is more than a little unfair to Wakefield. Lester certainly can't be called "better" after what, four starts? and Beckett has been hammered compared to Wake...switch their run support, and Wake has 10-11 wins while Becket is something like 5-9.
No, Wakefield is the #2 starter so far this year, and he had a cheap win coming on one of his few non-quality starts.
It's time we gave the guy some respect...he's earned it.

laura k said...

As Ortiz walked to the plate, I said to Laura, "Ooh, I gotta get my salami ready!"

And when you're done, don't forget to post a pic for Ortiz's home run, too. :)

brian said...

Yeah, I didn't mean to slight Timmy. Should have said we aren't giving them a game by throwing our #5, and their big 3 are all going.

No knock on the knuckler.