July 31, 2006

The Price Of Milk

Not necessarily verbatim notes from two SoSHers listening to Theo's 5 PM press conference:
No deal done. ... Asked for young players, they are part of long term plan, no deal worth it. ... Came close on a lot of things ... We have a long term plan. As much as we desperately wanted to do something to help our big league team it would have been a mistake to jeaopardize that plan to marginally improve our chances this year ... Still a possibility to do a waiver deal.

It'll hurt to be without Trot, but we have WMP. ... maybe looking at 3 weeks, but that's rough. Starting pitchers returning will make things easier for us, we should be better as they come back. ...

We were most aggressive for starters. Very few changed hands. We tried to get very creative about getting teams to think about giving up pitchers they weren't interested in giving up ... came pretty close to high-caliber starting pitchers but in the end didn't find one worthwile for us.
Sounds a lot like what Theo said exactly one year ago today:
I think it was the ultimate sellers' market and if you're a buyer and you're in the ultimate sellers' market, it's hard to make a fair deal. It's hard to make a deal that doesn't hurt you more than helps you.

I kind of liken it to if you need a carton of milk and put five bucks in your pocket and go to the store to get some milk, and all of a sudden milk is 100 bucks, you may walk out of that store without some milk. That's what we did.

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Ben Moseley said...

I think that's how it is every year. I hate when the Sox make deadline deals. The only one that actually panned out was the Nomar one but Cabrera and Mientkiewicz weren't that.

The deadline just puts more pressure on the GM's to make stupid deals. If I was a GM, I'd make a rule that I wouldn't do a dealine deal unless it was something you just couldn't pass up.