July 9, 2006

Pedro On VHS

Do you have, or do you know someone who has, any Pedro Martinez starts on VHS or DVD?

Send me an email if you have any information (especially of games earlier in his Red Sox career).


thatdietcokegirl said...

my dad might.

i think he has the 2003 ALCS and most likely some ones from 99.

YardSox said...

I know I have a couple of games on VHS - including his first start for the Sox against the A's (which I saw live as I lived out there at the time). But, I doubt the quality is that great.

The game I want is the 17K against the Yanks.

allan said...

suzy: if you could find out what he has from 1999 and email me, that would be great.

yardsox: if you are willing to let your vhs be transferred to dvd by someone at sons of sam horn, i will guarantee you get the nesn broadcast of the 17K game (and a few others).