August 4, 2006

Adam Stern Going To O's For Lopez

According to Sean McAdam of the Providence Journal, the player going to Baltimore in the deal for Javy Lopez is Adam Stern.

In 366 at-bats for Pawtucket, Stern hit .260/.299/.393 with 21 steals.

Both McAdam and Gordon Edes of the Globe report that the Devil Rays might put in a waiver claim on Stern, in apparent retaliation for what they believe was Boston's illegal contact with Julio Lugo's agent before the trade deadline. (The Red Sox say that Lugo's agent contacted them.)

However, the Rays did not confront either the Red Sox or Lugo's agent with their suspicions and, due to lack of evidence, they are not filing a grievance with the commissioner's office. But they're planning on getting some supposed revenge on the Red Sox in this completely unrelated matter? What a bunch of classless a-holes.


laura k said...

Noooooo!!! Say it ain't so!!! My Canadian Jew... gone... *sniff*...

I guess we had to give someone up, but why did it have to be my boy Adam?

At least he'll see playing time in Tampa. Small comfort for me. Pfft.

9casey said...
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dabdiputs said...

now all they need are seven move javy lopez's and the plan will be complete.

laura k said...

Playing time in Tampa?????????Over who

Tampa generally plays their young guys, since they're not exactly in a pennant race. Meaning, when he's called up, he'll play.

allan said...

Stern is going to Balt, not TB.

laura k said...

Stern is going to Balt, not TB.

Of course.

Never mind.

Brain fart.