August 12, 2006

G115: Red Sox 8, Orioles 7 (10)


Manny Ramirez singled to left in the bottom of the tenth to extend his hitting streak to 27 games and when Baltimore left fielder Brian Fahey overran the ball, Gabe Kapler scored the winning run.

Fahey made a bonehead decision in the top of the ninth when he doubled into the left field corner with one out. He tried for a triple. Ramirez dug the ball out and threw to Alex Gonzalez (who tripled into the same corner last night), who fired a perfect relay to Mike Lowell. And Fahey was dead. Jonathan Papelbon got the third out and then set the Orioles down in order in the 10th.

Baltimore held a 7-3 lead in the sixth, but Boston tied the game on a two-out, two-run triple from Wily Mo Pena (who also doubled and homered), followed by a two-run home run to deep left by Doug Mirabelli.

Are you smarter than Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo? Let's see: Tie game, bottom of the 10th, the toughest part of the Red Sox order coming up. Who do you bring in to pitch?
            ERA  WHIP  SV   OBA  OOB OSLG
Pitcher A 6.80 1.74 0 .337 .387 .593
Pitcher B 3.35 1.03 27 .194 .267 .359
Neither pitcher worked in Friday's game and the team was off on Thursday. ... Tough choice huh?

Perlozzo kept Pitcher B (Chris Ray) in the pen (waiting for a save situation?) and went with Pitcher A (Bruce Chen). Nice move, Sam!

More a little later ...


Kris Benson (4.71) / Jason Johnson (5.96), 1:20 PM

Benson has a 13.50 ERA in two starts against the Red Sox (Fenway ERA: 18.69 ERA), including allowing a career-worst nine earned runs in 4.1 innings on May 7. He is 0-4 with a 6.52 ERA in his last five starts. This will be his first appearance since July 25, after which he went on the DL with tendinitis in his right elbow.

Let's pound him like a drum. Manny Ramirez, with a 26-game hitting streak, is batting .818 (9-for-11) against Benson.

Obligatory Lineup Bitch: Coco again #1. Hey, at least Pena is batting ahead of Mirabelli.


laura k said...

If we can't have NESN, it's great to have Remy and NO McCarver. That way there's someone around to correct all the ignorant comments about the team, the park, baseball...

Fahey tries to stretch a double into a triple, Manny and A-Gon make a beautiful play - and the dumbo announcer rags on Manny anyway! "He sometimes likes to follow it around out there and see what it eats, but he got to that one nicely..." And not a word about the idiot runner who cost the Orioles a scoring opportunity and possibly the game.

Just another example of biased announcing: even when Manny is right, he's wrong. Can you imagine if that was Manny who was out at 3rd?? We'd never hear the end of it.

mtalinm said...

WMP is totally on fire...

Edward Lee said...

Doesn't bother me that people disrespect Manny's play in the field. Let them continue to bash him and let other teams think they can take extra bases on him.

Jim said...

A good win. Guys not named Manny/David refused to be buried by the hole-digging antics of Johnson/Tavarez. Of course, Manny comes through in the end, but keeps his bashers happy by getting no ribbie on a technicality. 'EEI reporting a day off for Papi today, so Sox need more of the same.