August 3, 2006


Pete Kerasotis, Florida Today:
Unless Ortiz suffers an injury or decides to get in touch with his inner Alex Rodriguez -- i.e., putting up numbers that are the baseball equivalent of empty calories -- he is the American League MVP.
Poor Slappy. There is no escape.


Jere said...

I know another way he could not be voted MVP. Michael Kay has been saying, about as regularly as the score, that Derek Jeter is having an "MVP-type season." He says it with such innocence, but is obviously trying to drive it into people's brains like the manipulative sack of crap he is. And it's worked to the point where a Daily News article today says that Jeter's having an MVP-type season.

thatdietcokegirl said...

how many walk-off hits/HR does jeter have this season? like to know that.

Jere said...

Well, here's the quote from the Daily News article: "It's time to start thinking of him as a legitimate MVP candidate, even with only eight home runs, because he seems to deliver an important hit or two most every night."

So, I'm sure he's got lots and lots of walkoffs. They're just the kind that don't show up in the boxscore.