August 21, 2006

G124: Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Watch out, Toronto, here we come.


Cory Lidle (4.64) / David Wells (6.06), 1 PM

Wow. Craig Hansen was sent to Pawtucket after the game. Bryan Corey takes his spot.
Cabrera, LF Crisp, CF
Jeter, DH Loretta, 2B
Abreu, RF Ortiz, DH
Rodriguez, 3B Ramirez, LF
Cano, 2B Hinske, 1B
Wilson, 1B Lowell, 3B
Williams, CF Pena, RF
Fasano, C Lopez, C
Green, SS Gonzalez, SS


~**Dawn**~ said...

i'd be thrilled about the bullpen change but...isn't this just 6 of one, half dozen of another?

thatdietcokegirl said...

hot water burn baby((

thatdietcokegirl said...

coco was 1-19 actually. but yeah.


Zenslinger said...

I have become rather...philosophical about all this. Which sucks.

allan said...

Tonight at 11: Pope Alive, Sox Dead

Jim said...

The real mystery is how it took so long for the AL to figure out that the Sox only had a 2-man offense.

DanM said...

Hey Redsock how about posting the puppy's picture again - it was a much happier thought than the Ded Sox. Why am I a BoSox fan? I keep forgeting but I always show up for the humiliation!

Peter N said...

We will go on. And we miss Tek much more than most fans admit. It's still August. '67 and '78 heroics are needed. And hard to come by, too.