August 21, 2006

G124: Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Watch out, Toronto, here we come.


Cory Lidle (4.64) / David Wells (6.06), 1 PM

Wow. Craig Hansen was sent to Pawtucket after the game. Bryan Corey takes his spot.
Cabrera, LF Crisp, CF
Jeter, DH Loretta, 2B
Abreu, RF Ortiz, DH
Rodriguez, 3B Ramirez, LF
Cano, 2B Hinske, 1B
Wilson, 1B Lowell, 3B
Williams, CF Pena, RF
Fasano, C Lopez, C
Green, SS Gonzalez, SS


Jack Marshall said...

So why was he out there in the 10th???

~**Dawn**~ said...

i'd be thrilled about the bullpen change but...isn't this just 6 of one, half dozen of another?

Stankyfish said...

Coco Crisp 0-4 today, 0-19 in the series. One helluva showing for a leadoff hitter. Who needs Damon when we have that, Theo?

thatdietcokegirl said...

hot water burn baby((

thatdietcokegirl said...

coco was 1-19 actually. but yeah.


Zenslinger said...

I have become rather...philosophical about all this. Which sucks.

Stankyfish said...

coco was 1-19 actually. but yeah.

I stand barely corrected. My apologies to Coco.

allan said...

Tonight at 11: Pope Alive, Sox Dead

RichBrlsnFan said...

I'm happy (well not happy)that this happened now over the last couple of weeks instead of early June where I would have fretted and wondered all season if they could pull it out. Season's over in 5-6 weeks, and the Red Sox ultmate fate will be obvious well before then (if it isn't already).

Jim said...

The real mystery is how it took so long for the AL to figure out that the Sox only had a 2-man offense.

Gutch220 said...

^Detroit will win tonight making the Sox deficit 4 games with ~40 left. It's only mid-august. I am a Yankees fan but a year ago to-the-day, the Yankees were down 4 games in the AL East.

Gutch220 said...

(EDIT to above)

I just heard that Wells cleared waivers, so he's out.

Sean O said...

Last year at this time, the Yankees had a lineup that could hit, and at least a few pitchers who didn't completely suck. The Red Sox right now have neither.

Coco not being the biggest flop we've had this year is a testament to the wonder of Josh Beckett. The dude is horrible, with no upside.

Wells throws like a man possessed and we crap it away. It's astonishing what this team has come to.

Why do Yankees fans keep saying how the Sox are still in it? It's just rubbing salt in the wound, right? thanks for that.

Fire theo.

DanM said...

Hey Redsock how about posting the puppy's picture again - it was a much happier thought than the Ded Sox. Why am I a BoSox fan? I keep forgeting but I always show up for the humiliation!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who, like me, can not seem to put our arms around the totality of what is wrong with this team, I would suggest you read Bob Ryan's column in Today's Boston Globe.

He summarizes all the truths associated with this moribund pack of losers with the steady delivery and detached objectivity that one might otherwise only expect to find from a physician delivering a terminal illness diagnosis (not an ill-fitting analogy at the moment).

"6-15 record since Tek went down. Beckett a NL fraud. Damon energizes NYY clubhouse. Timlin at the end of the line. BOS lets Myers go to NYY so he can be brought in to face one guy - Ortiz." It's all there, and it's not a pretty picture.

The only one who skates away clean here, interestingly enough, is Francona. His myriad failings in crucial game situations over the last four days have unequivocally answered the question I have posed repeatedly in this space. Namely, that when the Sox have won, it has been in spite of his presence rather than because of it, and he was again out-maneuvered and out-managed by Joe Torre.

38 games to go beginning with a 9-game West Coast swing. Anything less than 6-3 and we can kiss any Wild Card aspirations goodbye.

Stankyfish said...

Yaz-Tex, you and I are on the same page. I had read Ryan's article and found it dead on.

I, too, wonder how Francona's getting schooled hard by Torre seems to escape criticism. I hear so much about how he can only work with the tools he's given, it's easy to second guess, blah, blah, blah, but the bottom line is, he's been mismanaging games since the day he arrived. I've been saying they won in 2004 in spite of, rather than because of him.

He waits too long to give pitchers the hook (the game is usually out of hand before he does anything), he allows struggling bats to continue to struggle far too long before moving them in the order, and has a colossal inability to recognize a key at bat and make an offensive substitution.

He's running a professional team more like Little League than the major leagues.

And if I again have to listen to his marble mouth spew forth about some sliver thin silver lining in another category 5 hurricane, I'll probably shoot my television and myself.

Peter N said...

We will go on. And we miss Tek much more than most fans admit. It's still August. '67 and '78 heroics are needed. And hard to come by, too.