August 9, 2006

Coco Cannot Keep Leading Off

Coco Crisp is leading off because Terry Francona thinks Manny Ramirez needs Kevin Youkilis's protection in the #5 spot.
I don't want anybody to walk David and Manny and not pay the price or feel that they won't be paying the price. I think Youk can handle that responsibility. ... I like Youk hitting first a lot, but when you lose people you have to make some changes to stretch out your lineup, and we think this is the best possible way to do it.
Overall, Youkilis's OBP is 71 points higher than Crisp's (.396 to .325). And in the leadoff spot, the difference is enormous.

Leading Off
       AVG   OBP   SLG
Coco .228 .285 .291
Yook .300 .392 .450
Which batter would you want hitting ahead of the RBI guys? ... Memo to Tery: Pena can bat #5. Then Lowell and Crisp.

Here's some good news: X-rays on Mark Loretta's left elbow were negative. ... Also: Doug Mirabelli took batting practice yesterday and hopes to play on Thursday. ... Tim Wakefield played catch from 120 feet. Francona said a return to the rotation in two weeks is a bit optimistic.


Timmy Mac said...

Amen, brother! Preach on!

Youk leading off and Pena in the 5-spot would make me feel MUCH better night to night about this team.

Well, that and a fifth of bourbon.

Peter N said...

I so agree. Youk leading off, and WMP in the 5 nice! And the pitching staff misses Tek so very much! And a little vodka with 2 Miller Light's helps, too. Nice comment, Timmy M.

Starting Aces said...

I've been wondering why Pena is not protecting Manny any time he's been a regular starter.

Kyle said...

Because Wily Mo hits into TWO double plays and strikes out but also mashes a home run. that's why. But, I agree, he should bat 5th with Lowell 6th and Coco 7 or 8.

Starting Aces said...

Trot was hitting into double plays and not mashing home runs for a month before Wily Mo was in that spot... I don't see much of a difference.

Zenslinger said...

Tito seems to be making an argument for protecting Youk from too much wear and tear here. I'm not saying it makes sense, but it's what he's saying.

thatdietcokegirl said...

pena's inconsistent tho. but yeah, who cares i guess. trot wasn't doing much there, or tek. and manny and papi have been alright.

i hate coco in the top spot too. youk needs to be back in there by hook or by crook.

Starting Aces said...

Youk: "Tito, when you get fired, will you take me with you?"

best moment in a sox broadcast this year.

The number of at bats between leadoff and 5-7th aren't huge, but not having him lead off seems counterintuitive to what you should be doing with a sabermetric player.

Jim said...

You hear all the time about pitchers complaining that certain lineups "don't give them any breathers", while others have "holes". Batting a high OBP guy leadoff makes baseball sense, batting a guy #5 that has all the earmarks of turning into a recognized masher may make more psychological sense. I want Wily Mo to feel that the Sox have confidence in his mashing abilities, while making opposing pitchers think that maybe the Sox know something. Batting him 7th or lower takes that little edge away.

9casey said...

Being a "baseball guy". I would say that is not Tito's call. They have to justify the signing of Crisp and the only way they do that is leading him off. Another thing is Youk and Damon's numbers are very alike...And whats the sense of having the speed at the top of the lineup where you dont have to manufacture runs.

mtalinm said...

I just KNEW the F.O. was reading this blog!!!!

thatdietcokegirl said...

i cannot fucking believe we just lost that game.
papelbon giving up TWO RUNS in the 9th to fuckin KC?! no. cannot happen. could never happen. but just happened.

laura k said...

I just KNEW the F.O. was reading this blog!!!!

Me too. I just knew it. Keep it up, Redsock: they're listening.