August 10, 2006

Notes on KC TV Announcers

Got the RSTN (Royals Sports Television Newtwork) feed last night. In the first inning , Bob Davis (I think) was blabbling like a senile moron. I probably should know for sure before I rag on him, but what the hell ...

He first said that Fenway Park was a great park for hitting home runs (this year, it is the hardest park in all of baseball in which to hit a HR).

That went right into a discussion of the Fenway bullpens "out where Ted Williams used to patrol". TSW, of course, played left field for the Sox. (He probably meant to say that the Red Sox built the bullpens to bring in the fences so Ted could hit more home runs, but he didn't come remotely close to hinting that that was his point.)

Later, Paul Splittorf talked about a game in which Ortiz, then with the Twins, was hit on the wrist with a pitch by a Royals pitcher. Later in the game Ortiz belted a home run. It turned out that the earlier pitch had broken his hand -- so he had hit the HR with a broken wrist.

I checked Retrosheet and Ortiz has been hit by a Royals pitcher only once in his entire career -- August 3, 2001. And he did not hit a home run in that game.

It was his only HBP of 2001. Ortiz was hit in the 2nd inning and stayed in the game until he was removed after doubling in the 10th inning. He also played the next two days. I doubt those games were also played with a broken wrist.


Jere said...

What about when one of them (wasn't it weird how when they do the intro you could see almost their entire bodies as they sat there in a living room-ish setting?) talked about how the Red Sox did their homework on Mike Lowell and really thought he deserved a chance so they got him to play third base...

allan said...

Yeah, that was another good one.

Also when they panned the Sox dugout during the middle innings, one of them said something like: "There's Boomer Wells and a bunch of other guys."

He had less than no clue who anyone else was except for the easily-recognizable Wells.

Jere said...

Yeah, Cora next to him, and probably wearing a different number than the guy had on his chance.