August 18, 2006

G121: Yankees 14, Red Sox 11

Ugh. What is there to say?

If you saw it, you know Lester, Hansen and Timlin all shit the bed. (You still sure the problem is the hitting, Mike?) If you missed it, well, good for you.

Boston pitchers allowed 34 hits, 15 walks and 26 runs to the Yankees today, who now lead the East by 3.5 games. ... Tonight's game set a new MLB record for the longest nine-inning game: 4:45.

Beckett throws his first pitch in about 12 hours.

And so to bed.


Holy Shit!!! Does Tito read JoS?
Youkilis, 3B
Loretta, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Hinske, 1B
Pena, RF
Crisp, CF
Mirabelli, C
Cora, SS
More likely, Theo visited the manager's office and said (quietly and slowly): "We've tried it your way for too fucking long. Now we're gonna do things the smart way. Here's tonight's lineup. Get any crazy ideas in the next hour and decide to change it, you're fired."


Don't let us win tonight.

Dear Tito: Please write out this lineup tonight:


From the Vined Smithy said...

That is great.

allan said...

If the bats suck again, it's all on them. This lineup gives us the best chance to win.

allan said...

No in-game blogging tonight.

Doing that, keeping my scorecard, and following SoSH = too much work.

Jim said...

Every time I try to regroup and think positive thoughts, 0-16 with RISP keeps popping up like fucking NETFLIX.
Anyway, one positive thought. If ESPN were to pair McDonough with Dan Shulman, they might have a baseball broadcast worth listening to. Low key, do their homework, too realistic to worry about being telegenic, respect that what's on the field is far more important than anything in the booth. Nah, never happen.
Oh, and Mr. Lester, please find the corners of the strike zone with unhittable pitches on a regular basis tonight. As for you 9 guys hitting---for Christ's sake ....

Danie said...

I don't know, we may be screwed even if Lester has his command tonight (and the umps don't pull a disappearing strike zone on the Red Sox pitchers.

Anonymous said...

hey, would now be a bad time to point out that you said you weren't harping on the lineup thing anymore? :-)

<--has officially lost mind

mtalinm said...

Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Hinske, 1B
Pena, RF

let's do this every night :-)

thatdietcokegirl said...

7 runs allowed by red sox pitching in the 7th.
7 fucking runs.


timlin needs to be put down.

thatdietcokegirl said...

they're young tho, with no experience. lester and hansen are both 22. delcarmen is 24.
i'm pissed at hansen too. asldkfjsd this just sucks. i hate it when we can't hold an effing lead late in the game, and when it's against the yankees when they just clobbered us 12-4 earlier in the day, well that is so much gd worse((((

9casey said...

Is Pena the biggest guess hitter in the game. He swings at some real bad pitches. Foulkie looked allright, could be huge, . I really don't want to read about the "FUTURE" any more. Because right now on August 19, 2006 , they stink. You couldn't trade anyone of them for a bag of balls right now. We have a lefty for the future who can't get lefties out.

allan said...

Foulke's first game back and Tito lets him go for 41 pitches. Jeez.

But it's August 18, not September 18. There is time to right the ship.

allan said...

Okay, it's actually August 19.

Come on, we lived through 2004. This'll be easy.

allan said...

Comments are off until the morning.

laura k said...

TIMLIN needs to be put down?
How about those ever-so-valuable kids, Delcarmen, Hanson and Lester, who, given a key role in a big series, have fallen right on their faces?

Those kids just aren't ready for the majors, let alone facing the Yankees for the division lead.

Long-term plans are all well and good, but that's living for a future that may or may not come to pass. What about the present? I don't know why Theo & Co had to protect these kids like they're all made of future World Series rings, while our present-day rotation is in shreds.

AND Timlin needs to be put down.

OK, it's August 19, not September 19. But it's August 19 and our pitching sucks.

laura k said...

Hey thanks, Jack. World Series 2104? All I want (now) is to win the friggin division. THE DIVISION.

WIN THE DIVISION. We, not Yankees, win the division.

This is all I tell myself, night and day. It's all I wanted last year. It's all I want now. We WIN THE DIVISION, Yankees stay home, wild card comes from Central or from wherever, I don't care, I just want to WIN THE DIVISION.

But it looks like we will not WIN THE DIVISION, because our pitching stinks.

hey, would now be a bad time to point out that you said you weren't harping on the lineup thing anymore? :-)

I think it's an illness. He can't help himself.


Did I mention I want to WIN THE DIVISION?