August 8, 2006

G111: Royals 6, Red Sox 4

Lester struggled with his control (5-6-4-3-5, 105), Hansen and Seanez each allowed a crucial run, and the Red Sox offense was once again pretty much MIA. (Box)

Boston got 10 hits: Manny doubled and singled (23-game hitting streak) (so did Gonzalez), Ortiz hit his 41st home run (his 1,000th career hit), and Pena clubbed a 2-run bomb to deep left (451 feet), but overall the bats look weak and ineffective.

Inexplicably, Crisp is still batting leadoff. He went 0-for-4 with a ninth-inning walk. ... If Ortiz and Manny are the only guys hitting the ball right now, don't you want the guys who get on base most often batting right before them? Isn't that what you learn on the first day of Baseball 101? Tito?

NYY Update: Paul Konerko homered off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth and Jermaine Dye singled home the winning run in the 11th against Scott Proctor as the White Sox won 5-4.


Jon Lester (3.59) / Luke Hudson (4.67), 8 PM

[Yankees (Wang 3.58) at White Sox (Garcia 4.87)]


thatdietcokegirl said...

*claps with index fingers*

thatdietcokegirl said...

headlines for the next week of red sox baseball: 'ortiz hits hit XX homer, but red sox lose'

kidding! we're gonna start winning. i command that we start winning D;

Jim said...

Losing 3 straight to the DRays and Royals counts as hitting rock bottom, right? So things can only get better, right? Right??

Also a quiet word in the ear of Mr. Lester. John, you have one more start to figure out how to get ahead of the hitters. If you keep falling behind in the count on the Yankees, they will fucking kill you.