August 10, 2006

G113: Royals 5, Red Sox 4

Swept. By the Royals. In Kansas City. For the first time in 15 years.

The season just keeps getting better.

Friday AM: Coco saw 9 pitches all night. Yook saw 9 in his 7th inning at-bat alone (and 29 for the game -- in the same number of PA as Crisp). Plus Crisp's attempted steal in the first inning, on the first fucking pitch to Ortiz, was jaw-droppingly stupid. Was that called from the bench?

No one not named Ortiz or Ramirez is hitting much of anything, but if Coco stays in the leadoff spot any longer, I'm going to seriously fucking lose it. I can't imagine John Henry or Theo Epstein agrees with this bone-headed shit.

And why pull Pena for Kapler for the bottom of the 8th? Is Kapler that much better in right field? Plus that spot in the order was 2nd in the top of the ninth. Would have been nice to see Wily E. instead of Krapler.

This loss was not Francona's fault, with all the slumping, it is imperative that he gives the team its best chance to win.


Curt Schilling (3.78) / Runelvys Hernandez (8.54), 8 PM

The Royals have not swept a three-game series against the Red Sox at Kauffman Stadium since 1991. ... The Yankees (Mussina) finish up their series in Chicago (Vazquez) tonight.

Curt Schilling hopes to extend his major league record of 53 starts without allowing an unearned run. The current streak goes back to June 14, 2004. (Schilling's other 53-game streak was from April 10, 2001 to July 5, 2002.)

Coco Crisp is leading off again, Kevin Youkilis is batting 5th and Wily Mo Pena is hitting #7 after Mike Lowell. ... Bad Tito! No Chaw!

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Jim said...

The maddening thing about this year is that every team has flaws. Ozzie has worn out the WSox starters, the Yanks get LOB-itis worse than RSox do, Tigers announcers were waxing lyrical the other night how their team had "nothing bad" happen to them all season. Their time is coming. So this Sox team, with all its flaws, is right in there. But if a Wily Mo late-inning, one-handed, 3-run fountain-shot can't wake these stiffs up, I just don't know. I realize that the team "is not that good", but neither is anyone else. Time to step up and prove they're not that shitty.