August 31, 2006

Ortiz Out Of Hospital?; Wells Or DiNardo On Hill Tonight?

While the Herald reports that David Ortiz was released from the hospital last night, a Red Sox spokesman said that was "totally inaccurate".

David Wells is tonight's scheduled starter, but he may be traded by game time.

The Sox would love one of the Dodgers' top three prospects -- outfielder Matt Kemp, third baseman Andy LaRoche, or first baseman James Loney -- but the Dodgers aren't biting. So Wells may return to San Diego for catcher George Kottaras, who began this year ranked as the Padres' #2 prospect by Baseball America.

Lenny DiNardo was scratched from his Pawtucket start last night and would likely get the ball if Wells is dealt. ... The San Diego Tribune reports that the Padres have reached an agreement with Rudy Seanez.

Mike Lowell on the team dealing Wells: "Would I understand it? Yeah, I'd understand it from the front office standpoint, depending on what we're getting. I don't want to get a dozen bats. We're more than a David Wells away right now."

The Red Sox return to Fenway tonight for a 10-game homestand. The reception? Francona: "They'll be welcoming us with open arms." ... Youkilis, after being told that fans, while frustrated, would likely understand the reasons for the team's poor showing: "Are you dealing with rational people? I don't know, they're Red Sox fans."

Tony Massarotti, Herald (my emphasis):
What is happening to the Red Sox now simply defies logic, probability and all measures of fairness and decency ... From top to bottom, the Red Sox have received more than their share of criticism this year for a season gone wrong. But now, with more than a month left in the schedule, the Sox are having any reasonable chance at success (or even competitiveness) stripped away from them through no fault of their own.
Look at that -- the team's craptastic August is not being blamed on the moral failings of any player(s) or lack of hustle or desire any crap like that. At least not "now". How bad did things have to get for that to be the case? As of yesterday, the Sox are playing without their:
starting catcher
starting shortstop
starting left fielder (and MVP candidate)
starting center fielder
starting right fielder
backup right fielder
designated hitter (and MVP candidate)
#2 starter
#4 starter


grunherz said...

Meanwhile, in New York City, folks are starting to soil themselves over the thought of another "Subway Series".

Makes one ill.

Beth said...

hard to know the context or tone of what youkilis was saying, and it's not like sox fans have always covered themselves in glory this season, but...ouch.

Jere said...

Youk loves us:)

Gutch220 said...

"Meanwhile, in New York City, folks are starting to soil themselves over the thought of another "Subway Series"."

Not me. i think it would be so funny if the Mets get swept in the first round by the Dodgers of somebody. Or better yet, the Giants somehow make it to the W.S. and Bonds knows its his last year so he max's his body out on steriods and hits 25 HR's in the series. He would be all bloated and unflexible flopping around the bases, then they do a blood test and his blood is 50% steroids. That would be funny.

DaYankeesWin said...

Mr. Redsock, I'm feeling a little bored at work today and I was wondering when you were going to post that piece you were (allegedly) working on that proves how Jeter wasn't worthy of MVP consideration?

Glad Ortiz is out of the hospital, so now would be a perfect time for you to post that piece. Right?

Here's hoping Lester's situation is not as critical as being reported. That would be a sad, sad situation.

allan said...

DYW, to say that Jeter is unworthy of MVP consideration is silly. He's having a hell of a year.

What I said was Jeter was clearly not the most valuable player in the AL. Big difference. (He probably isn't even the MVP of his own team.)

And I've decided to wait until the regular season is over, so I can use final season stats.

By the way, Ortiz is not the AL MVP either -- and wouldn't be (barring an otherworldly-even-for-him September coupled with the slumping of other candidates) even without his current medical troubles.

DaYankeesWin said...

OK. Point taken and I can't wait to read your analysis. I thought you did a great job last year.

allan said...

thanks. it won't be anything earthshattering, though.

i probably won't have a whole lot to do in early october.

Jack Marshall said...

I know you'd like to, but don't forget Matt Clement, who was the number 4 starter when he went down. So your list should say TWO #4 starters...