August 22, 2006

Pedroia To Start Tonight?

I don't want to push the McAdam post down the page, but:

Dustin Pedroia could make his debut with the Red Sox tonight. Alex Gonzalez may be put on the DL and Pedroia was pulled from the first game of Pawtucket's doubleheader in Ottawa last night.

David Wells, the team's #2 starter at this point, apparently cleared waivers and could be traded by the Red Sox.


Jack Marshall said...

Trade a month of Wells in a lost season for a decent prospect? Isn't that a no-brainer? Sure, you don't give him away, but he's at the end of the line and his knee could go any second. We've already given away the present for "the future," might as well stay the course!

Jack said...

I agree that you've got to trade Wells if you can get something decent for him. The question is if you can get anything decent for him. Maybe, maybe not.

Gutch220 said...

What are these rumors I hear of Manny wanting to be traded in the offseason (again)?