August 26, 2006

Ortiz: "I'm A Healthy Son Of A Bitch"

David Ortiz talked at length about his overnight stay at Massachusetts General Hospital last Saturday.

It turns out his heart and chest were not involved at all. Just some dehydration, lack of sleep and a ton of stress.
After game one [on Friday], I went home to take a nap. I was beat up. I couldn't sleep at all. I got up, took a shower and went back to the field. ... The next day it got worse.

It was like my whole body was cramping. ... I'd been having problems sleeping for four or five days. I stress about everything. ... I don't know why. You go home and you start having nightmares. It's frustrating ... There was a lot of stress going on -- especially the ass-kicking we got ...

I don't want to go back to Boston and have people freaking out. I've been feeling better since we got to the West Coast. And I've been able to sleep. I've been sleeping my ass off. ... I'm a healthy son of a bitch.
Perhaps the most amazing thing about this story is that no one knew about it until Carpundit posted about it on Thursday night.

Manny Ramirez should be back in left field tonight. Tito: "I don't think he feels any better, but he's going to play and see if he can do it."

Wily Mo Pena says he has tendinitis in his left wrist, but the inflammation is not near the spot of his surgery earlier this year. ... Tim Wakefield threw off a bullpen mound on Thursday and had little discomfort. ... Matt Clement played catch at Fenway on Wednesday, the first time he picked up a ball in the last three weeks.

The Red Sox are hitting .208 (27-for-130) in the first four games of this road trip.

The Yankees lost another game in the bottom of the ninth, 6-5 to the Angels last night, but the Sox couldn't make hay. Boston remains 5.5 GB in the East and 4.5 GB Minnesota (who beat the White Sox) for the wild card.


Peter N said...

All scary stuff. But I know you knew that. We will survive, either running, jogging, or limping. Don't you think?

laura k said...

Don't forget crawling. And standing still while other teams jog past us.

brian said...

I'd rather Manny DH for a little bit until we get home.
The OF is huge in Seattle and the Oakland's field is going to be a mess because of last night's Raider game.

(Assuming Wily Mo is out for a couple of days)
Put Ortiz at 1B, Hinske in RF, and Youk in LF.

OR seeing as Tito won't do that

Put ORtiz at !B, Hinske in RF, Kapler in LF, and Youk at 3B.