August 8, 2006

Dear Red Sox: Start Winning

The Red Sox are 4-7 in their past 11 games, 12-12 since the All-Star break, and 15-16 since the end of interleague play early last month.

Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald:
Ramirez and Ortiz have been nothing short of sensational this year, but there is only so much two men can do. Since the All-Star break, Ramirez and Ortiz have 16 home runs and are batting a combined .339, which is almost as much as the rest of the team is slugging. ...

Somebody else needs to step up. And soon.
Over at the New York Times, Yankee sycophant Murray "No! 2004 Never Happened! Never! (fingers in ears) I Can't Hear You! Naaaaa, Naaaaa, Naaaaa!" Chass can barely hide his glee:
The Boston Red Sox are a poor excuse for a good baseball team. For the second year in a row, they have squandered an advantage they had over the Yankees, this year even more grievously than last. Like last year, they will very likely pay for their profligacy.
Mike Lowell thinks he'll play tonight in Kansas City. ... Doug Mirabelli could be ready by Wednesday or Thursday: "I don't think playing in Kansas City is that far-fetched. Once we get the swelling out of there, I should be fine. The mobility is a lot better, but the pain and stiffness are still there."

In addition to being named AL Player of the Month for July, David Ortiz was named Co-Player of the Week (with Travis Hafner) for July 31 to August 6. Ortiz was 10-for-27 (.370) with two doubles, five home runs, eight RBIs, 27 total bases, and a cool 1.000 slugging percentage.

Devil Rays bullpen coach Bobby Ramos on Tampa's 7-6 win on Sunday: "That was a World Series game." ... Gordon Edes notes that since the start of the 2004 season, Corky Miller is 1-for-55 (.018). It is the lowest average of any major leaguer, including pitchers, with at least 50 plate appearances in that span.

More Edes:
Remember at the trading deadline, when the Sox had a deal on the table for Pirates pitcher Kip Wells but backed off because of concerns raised by his medical records? Wells wound up going to Texas, made one start for the Rangers, and complained of fatigue afterward. He has been shut down while doctors examine his shoulder.

Peter Gammons continues to make considerable progress in his recovery from a brain aneurysm, said a friend of the family who had lunch with Gammons recently. Gammons is at his home on Cape Cod, continuing his rehab on an outpatient basis, but he's up and around, walking, talking, and getting stronger.
Bob Ryan: "Hey, you, with the Red Sox bedspread: You might as well face facts: There has never been a better summer to be a Yankee fan." ... Never? What the hell is Ryan talking about?

Chicken Little O' The Day: Steven Krasner, Providence Journal:
In the meantime, the Sox are losing ground in the divisional race. They also are in a virtual dead heat with Chicago and Minnesota in the wild-card chase. A free-fall is looming.


Peter N said...

I posted a couple days ago that our club has been treading water, playing .500 ball, since the All Star break. We have to start a winning streak. 6 games against the Royals and O's. 3 straight and 5 of 6 is needed. Thanks

Jack Marshall said...

The Sox are in a classic position to start a streak. Lowell is coming back; Wily Mo is an upgrade; Beckett has again been reminded to pitch, Lester has gone through his bump; Papelbon gave up his run for the month; Wells is rounding into form and Johnson may have solved his mechanical Foulke is coming back right when he's needed.

I still think Theo let the team down bigtime by not bolstering the pitching staff (the Reds sure seemed to be able to make trades), but he may be proven right in the end.

Beth said...

This is how Chad Finn put it:

//It's funny, I used to wonder what certain TV/radio types would do with themselves after the Sox won a World Series and the fanbase achieved a new level of contentment. Well, now I know. They pretend nothing has changed - and if Sox fans aren't miserable, well dammit, they're going to do their best to make us so.//

I can't think of a better way to say it.

I hate the MSSM in this town.