August 25, 2006

G128: Mariners 6, Red Sox 0

A weak effort from a weak lineup. Five hits, three walks, and no Red Sox runner past second base. It's the 4th time the team has been shut out this season.

Schilling did alright until a sixth inning meltdown -- four hits and two errors (on one play) -- bumped the score from 2-0 to 5-0. I missed the errors (Alex Cora and Schilling) and left work mid-inning. Arrived home in time to see Eric Hinske batting for Wily Mo Pena, who had been pulled and was flexing his left wrist (the one operated on earlier this season) in the dugout.

"Bright" spot: Gabe Kapler doubled in the ninth. He now has three hits in his last 38 at-bats. Probably earned himself a few more starts this week. Yay!

The Yankees and Angels are 5-5 after seven innings (Slappy is 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts).


Curt Schilling (3.84) / Jake Woods (3.88), 10 PM

After taking two of three from the Angels, the Red Sox head to Psycho Field. Lineup:
Crisp, CF
Loretta, 1B
Ortiz, DH
Pena, LF
Lowell, 3B
Kapler, RF
Mirabelli, C
Pedroia, 2B
Cora, SS
I saw this horseshit lineup at SoSH and I half-figured it was a joke. No Yook, no Manny, Loretta at 1B, and Kapler still on the team. But there it is, posted at the Globe. ... Now watch us score 17 runs.

The Yankees are in Anaheim.


allan said...

Hinske hits lefties worse than I do. So when Woods is gone, maybe we'll see him.

Why does Youkilis get another day off this week (he sat Monday)? If Manny is really day-to-day, wait until he can DH, then rest Yook.

Enough with this marathon bullshit, Tito. It is now a sprint.

laura k said...

OK, I'm ready. 17 runs, please!

grunherz said...

Wow. That looks like an average NL team's lineup.

The pilot has just turned on the 'fasten seat-belt' sign.

Jim said...

According to Cafardo, Yooks has a stomach virus he got from DeMarlo Hale, "who caught a bug last night." So who let the bugs out? Dig a little deeper, eh? Lazy bugger.
On a lighter note, er, wait, it's the lineup.

thatdietcokegirl said...

got any alka-seltzer? ;/

9casey said...

They had to ask Manny DH ....right So Ortiz could play first? I assume he declined....If he can't DH you might as well dl him

allan said...

If Manny will miss only another game or two, putting him on the shelf for 15 days is no good.


Damn these LOB!!!

allan said...

0 runs and 3 hits thru 6 innings. And no runner past second base.


thatdietcokegirl said...

seeing some of the worst defense by the red sox all year tonight.
absolute disaster of a 6th inning, thx to cora thinking he can try that little glove flip move to second to start a double play (dude, you fucked it up the first time you tried it. just effing get up and throw to first to at least get one out), then schilling throwing it away to third, allowing the runner to score (all the way from first).
not to mention the ridiculous coco diving bid earlier in the game that allowed a run in on a ball that he *clearllly* should have let drop in front of him that would have held the runners to first and second with one out, but instead the little show-off takes a leap to try and catch it, a total mis-judgement.

sigh. 6th inning is still not over. 3 runs are in for seattle. can we come back? all signs sort of pointing to no at the moment. i'm so not feeling it ;/

laura k said...

I had NESN last night. Don & Jerry were laughing so hard about bobbleheads, smoked salmon and Trupiano, they couldn't speak.

Then I fell asleep.

Then I woke up, and it was all a dream. No 17 runs, no game picked up in the standings, and a waste of decent start. Pfft.

Jim said...

L-girl, at least you know you slept. There were times when I thought that I'd somehow missed a few years and that was an expansion team on the field. A few good guys surrounded by stiffs. But really, I don't know whether to bitch or feel sorry for these guys. One thing after another. Hate to say it, but embers of the final weeks of '01 keep glowing.

laura k said...

Hate to say it, but embers of the final weeks of '01 keep glowing.

Uh-oh, remind me what that means again? I was still a [expletive deleted] fan then, soon to be stunned, first by 9/11, then by Schilling and Johnson.

thatdietcokegirl said...

god i know. they bloody go on and on about those bobbleheads.

i kinda chuckled at the salmon stuff.

tho any man who doesn't like fish...;)

allan said...

2001 -- An amazingly shitty August -- though they did win their final 5 games of the year!

allan said...

Yeah, Coco looked like absolute crap out there. And Kapler was little better in right, especially on the hit down the line that banged off the jut in the stands.

You know what annoys me about Kapler? (Besides everything ...) When he's camped under a fly ball, he often does a little stutter step thing with both feet so it looks like maybe he can't find the ball and it's going to fall in. Scares me every time.

laura k said...

I hear ya, Suzy. :)

Hey, I'd much rather listen to them giggle over bobbleheads than Remy hawking his stupid t-shirts.