August 23, 2006

Mnookin On Manny

Seth Mnookin weighs in on the latest Manny Fuss. Once he gets going (after a somewhat forced analogy), he gives an interesting look at the unique nature of sportswriting and how the scribes must wear and juggle many hats.

And speaking of Sean McAdam, who broke this story, he notes:
McAdam, one of the most respected (and one of the best) Red Sox writers, doesn't cite his sources. That's not, I'm sure, because he doesn't have them; I was able to independently confirm the basic facts with a couple of phone calls from my apartment in Manhattan.
Seth had unprecedented access to all aspects of the Red Sox organization during the 2005 season, so he has sources of his own. ... Don't forget to read the comments. I don't think Seth is excusing the actions of any particular writer, but seeking to enlighten us about what goes on. Simply more information to mull over.


Jere said...

Oh lord. Is anyone else sick of this guy? The sports/girlfriend analogy? Fucking seriously. And then, "Well, he didn't quote a source. But he has one. Trust me, it's all true. I have a source. But I also won't quote mine." What the eff? And he got it from his Manhattan apartment. Oooooooooh.

Besides, my "Manny is your mom" analogy was way better. I don't like to plug myself, but when I do something way better than somebody who gets all the attention, I'm gonna take pride:

Feel free to delete this comment, Allan, if that's not acceptable.

laura k said...

Thanks for the link, Allan. The comments make the post. I was so glad to see fans come back with a little reality check.

Mnookin is full of shit, and appears to be just a tad full of himself, too. Awwww, pity the poor sportswriter, he has such a hard job.

Yeah, sitting at his computer and bashing away at the very people who are the only reason anyone reads the drivel they write.

Jim said...

Whenever I had a girl friend abruptly disappear I would get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach along with the dread of 'maybe she's gone for good this time'. Which is the greatest fear of Shank/McAdam. Then they would actually have to work in order to generate the cheap controversy and countless web hits this lazy-ass shit produces--assuming they're even capable.
The real sickening thing is that, without sourcing, McAdam's version of the events is now being treated as gospel by his media buddies. Revolting.

laura k said...

I love that so many JoS readers defend Manny and don't buy into the media b/s.

You guys make great points. Speaking as a keyboard-clacker with no athletic skills myself.

Now would it kill the Red Sox to win a game tonight????

allan said...

Jeez, Jack, you know what you're gonna get in a thread from me on this. Just avoid it. :>)

Manny is an arrested adolescent

Maybe, but we don't actually know him personally. So who is telling us this?

A bunch of jerks with columns [who] love to take potshots at genuine stars

And we trust them to tell us the truth?

laura k said...

I'd rather relive the Yankee Massacre than go thru this nonsense again.

There's no need to go through it again. You're obviously not convincing anybody. To me it's obvious, to you it's obvious, and yet we see it totally differently. You can "so live with that" too.

Jere said...

"But attributing Manny-bashing to race is just liberal-fantasy-masturbation."

You're not going to make us stop being liberal by trying to make the word seem uncool.

Or stop us from simply pointing out the racism that exists everywhere in our society. We're doing this from a good place, as we'd like to stop racism. Nothing to be threatened by. Thank you.

Timmy Mac said...

Seriously, you guys! How could you possibly think an open-minded and loving person like Gerry Callahan REALLY have racist motives behind something he says?