August 4, 2006

G108: Red Sox 3, Devil Rays 2

Curt Schilling gave up two solo home runs early in the game, but settled down (7-9-2-2-4, 102). He got out of a bases loaded, one out jam in the sixth, by reaching back and striking out BJ Upton and Tomas Perez on seven pitches of pure gas.

David Ortiz hit two home runs: #38 leading off the fourth -- which cut the Tampa lead to 2-1 -- and #39 leading off the eighth -- which broke a 2-2 tie. Not a walk-off, but still clutch.

Manny Delcarmen pitched a quick eighth inning (Travis Lee singled to right and was thrown out at second by Gabe Kapler (sounded like very poor baserunning by Lee)) and Jonathan Papelbon pocketed his 30th save with a perfect ninth.

In Baltimore, the Yankees beat the Orioles 5-4 as Dumbo hit a ninth inning tie-breaking homer. Toronto lost and fell to 9.5 GB.


Curt Schilling (3.84) / James Shields (5.43), 7:15 PM

Mike Lowell's left foot remains sore, so Alex Cora gets the nod at third. ... Javy Lopez is with the team, but will get his first start tomorrow night. ... Lineups:
Crisp, CF        Hollins, CF
Loretta, 2B Crawford, LF
Ortiz, DH Cantu, DH
Ramirez, LF Lee, 1B
Youkilis, 1B Norton, RF
Pena, RF Navarro, C
Cora, 3B Upton, SS
Mirabelli, C Perez, 2B
Gonzalez, SS Zobrist, 3B
Boston has lost three of their last four games against Tampa Bay, though they lead the season series 8-6. ... Last Sunday against the Angels, Schilling allowed six runs and 10 hits in five innings. He has a 4.27 road ERA in 2006. Schilling has faced the Rays four times this season.
        IP  H  R BB  K
0419 H 6 6 1 1 7
0430 A 6 6 3 1 9
0527 H 7 8 4 0 7
0704 A 7 9 4 0 7
26 29 12 2 30
Shields held the Yankees to four runs in seven innings, but took the loss. He started against the Red Sox on July 6 at Tropicana Field (5-4-5-3-5). Boston won that game 12-5.

The Yankees (Johnson, 5.07) are in Baltimore (Chen, 7.07).


Jack Marshall said...

Kudos to the O's for rolling over and playing dead for the Yankees as always. CHEN???

thatdietcokegirl said...

looks like lopez is gonna get to start tonight as, un-frikken-believably, mirabelli got injured on a play at the plate (good play tho for the last out of the inning)

laura k said...

Kudos to the O's for rolling over and playing dead for the Yankees as always.

Not so fast, right now they're tied in the 8th.

Jim said...

What would we do without Big Papi? I will stick ice picks in my ears if I have to suffer through another "insider expert" debate about DH's not deserving the MVP. Here's to Wells keeping it rolling tomorrow nite with a good start and maybe the whole offense decides to bash.

allan said...

On the Lee play in the 8th, guess what was just about the first thing out of Jerry Trupiano's mouth after Lee was tagged out?

He said it was right out of the "Manny Ramirez school of baseruning".

Trupe, you are a fucking idiot and an annoyance. And a piss-poor announcer. How about you spend the winter trying to learn the difference between a popup and a home run. A clue: if you are unsure, watch the outfielder.


Jim said...

redsock, on the Lee play, Kapler made a fantastic backhanded grab of his liner in right-center, then took about 4 steps before setting and unloading a bullet to 2nd. Remy opined that it had double written all over it and Lee was shocked to see the ball at 2nd. If Trupe described it like you said, he truly is a a-hole

allan said...

The radio guys absolutely said Kapler made a great play to cut it off -- but were surprised that (a) Lee did not slide (was he deked by Gonzo into thinking there was no play?) and (b) when he got to the bag, he seemed to wander off, not really like he was rounding for third, but something quite bizarre.

Trupe made the Manny comment before they discussed the play. He said it right after the out was called.

Jim said...

Lee may have hesitated rounding first, but then picked up steam and then may have panicked into an in-between, half-slide thing when he sensed the ball beating him. It did not look in real-time, nor did Remy suggest, that any bonehead running was involved. Didn't see any signs of a Gonzo deke, but that's a thought. But any gratuitous Manny base-running blunder bullshit is totally out of order.

thatdietcokegirl said...

god, why do they need to diss manny? why even do that, when we have the national media to do that.

so lame.

anyway, the best part of the game for me tonight was schilling. you could see the determination in his face. he always has an air of being the toughest he can be for his team, for us, when we need him the most :)

Desert Sox said...

Kapler is a bonified player, anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

Schilling pitches big on the road, except for the two dingers, but still a certfied quality start.

I have a bad feeling about the state of the Red Sox, besides all the players on the DL... including Lowell, who is only going to be a defensive player for a while after he gets back in the line-up... The Sox who have owned a huge home record the last two years, limped literally and figuratively through that home-stand, THREE count them, THREE walk-off hits the difference between an exciting but ultimately dissapointing run of home games and a complete disaster of a home-stand.

I certainly enjoy close competitive games, (who am I kidding, I enjoy the Sox laying waste to people) but it seems that ever since the Sox broke for the All Star game they got broke AT the All Star break!
Or maybe it was playing all those sad sacks in the NL east that did them in... I dunno, I do know that
without Papi and Manny the Sox would
be KC right now.
That is just scary, but then, you look at Sox pitching and it's feast or famine Josh Beckett is the second coming... uhh yeah, the second coming of Jason Johnson!
Schilling strikes out the world! Unless Curt leaves it out over the plate then it gets the size of a BB going in the opposite direction FAST... And sometimes it happens a lot, but never as much as when Josh pitches. So, take away Beckett Schilling and Lester we have what exactly? A sub .500 pitching staff.
Yeccch... I'm just so very frightened right now.

Desert Sox said...

Actually, my previous post seemed like a rather damning inditement of Beckett, who has been rather dominating at time... But only at TIMES... Josh buddy, learn to throw something other that a fastball all the time. Big league hitters especially AMERICAN LEAGUE big league hitters will maul pitchers that become predictable... like you have, more times than I've enjoyed seeing (that's a lie, Ive enjoyed none of them). I've heard you have nasty stuff, how about throwing some offspeed stuff once in a while? Then you see, the fastball looks even faster... You ARE a stud pal, quit trying to prove it by THROWING it past everybody and learn to PITCH, please... Pretty please?
Cherry on top?