August 22, 2006

G125: Angels 4, Red Sox 3

What happened, you ask?

In the top of the 8th, trailing by one run, Terry Francona kept Manny Ramirez and Eric Hinske on the bench and let Doug Mirabelli and Gabe Kapler face Scot Shields. ... Mirabelli grounded out to third and Kapler struck out on three pitches.

Also, in the seventh, tied 3-3, he stayed with Kason Gabbard a little too long, and Gabbard gave up the go-ahead run.

This sucks, obviously -- it would be nice if the manager cared enough to try to win -- but it also sucks because both the White Sox and Twins lost tonight. It was a chance for Boston to close the wild card gap to 3 games, but Tito apparently figured a loss was okay tonight, because his team wouldn't lose any ground. I'd like to think I'm right when I say it won't be his team much longer.

P.S. I hope Manny Ramirez -- who PH for Pedroia to start the 9th and flied to deepest center -- was too hurt to start, and not pouting or benched by Tito. Most likely, we'll never know what wenton last weekend, but if Manny is well enough to bat, he should be in the cleanup spot no matter what. (And if he's actually refusing to play, the team should come right out and say exactly that. Let us know.)

And as I type this -- 1:29 AM -- Seattle's Adrian Beltre hits his second home run of the night -- this one in the bottom of the ninth off Ron Villone, giving the Mariners a 6-5 win over the MFY. ... Thanks again, Tito, for being allergic to pinch-hitters. (Does Gabe have pix of you and a goat?)


Kyle Snyder (6.35) / Joe Saunders (3.64), 10 PM

Not watch the game? Why wouldn't I watch the game?

It's baseball season, the Red Sox are on, and I'm watching. ... It's what I do.

Crisp, CF
Loretta, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Youkilis, 1B
Pena, RF
Lowell, 3B
Mirabelli, C
Kapler, LF
Pedroia, SS


allan said...

Wild Card Update:

Both teams in front of us lost tonight.

Tigers 4, White Sox 0
Orioles 6, Twins 3

A win puts us 3 back.


So win.

Jere said...

Pedroia just made a sweet play starting the DP. A little elfin magic.

Jackie said...

You know, I'm really starting to admire these guys for their creativity. It's like every night they come up with a new and different way to lose.

Starting pitching doing well? No problem, don't hit. Grab the go-ahead run in a tough struggle? Bring in your worst reliever and give that lead right back. Opposing team making miscues in the field? Just go ahead and strand those guys on base.

It never ends...

DanM said...

Francoma is back!

Kyle said...

Another frustrating loss in a very win-able game. Every game is very win-able from here on in.

Inconsistency after inconsistency. We can't have Francoma falling asleep at the helm.

allan said...

Yes, the media should tell us the truth -- with the proper evidence and sources. And I haven't seen any evidence of that yet.

You know, Jack, that based on Theo's moves over the winter, you said the Sox would win 102 games this year, the most of anyone in my pre-season contest.

Something about his decisions -- before all the injuries and poor performances screwed things up -- must have appealed to you.