August 19, 2006

G122: Yankees 13, Red Sox 5



Mid 6th: Yankees 10, Red Sox 5

This team is a fucking joke. Wells is a colossal a-hole, but I have way more respect for him than I do for Beckett. Sox tied it in the 5th, so what does Josh do? Give up a double and three more walks, of course. Of his eight non-intentional walks today: 5 on 4 pitches; 1 on 5 pitches; 1 on 6 pitches; and 1 on 8 pitches. ... We're gonna put up with three more years of this braindead idiot? ... Delcarmen came in and walked in a run (on four pitches) before giving up a three-run triple to Dumbo (on a 3-1 cookie).

I'm reaching the end of my rope with these fuckers. ... Still hoping for a Papi walkoff though.

After 5: Red Sox 5, Yankees 5

And the Eunuch gives the lead away. He hits Cora with his first pitch, walks Yook on four straight. Loretta bunts the runners over on the first pitch, then Ortiz hits a sacrifice fly to LF on the first pitch. Posada was not in position to catch the ball and it hits off his glove as Cora scores. Manny intentionally walked. Lopez hits the first pitch to center. It's a pretty routine play, but Bernie has to slide/dive for it. He has no range whatsoever. Tie game.

Mid 5th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Hey look -- Beckett gave the runs right back! What a surprise! ... Two doubles (one to Slappy on an 0-2 pitch), two walks (one intentional) and an uncontested steal of second from Dumbo.

Jason Johnson sucks, Jon Lester is raw, but Beckett is supposed to be a major league pitcher. And so often this year, he has not been. I'd love to see someone come out of the Sox dugout, walk to the mound, grab Beckett's chin hair and slap him in the face -- hard -- and tell him to get his head out of his ass.

I'm really starting to hate him.


Mid 4th: Red Sox 4, Yankees 3.

With one out, Johnson walked Loretta and Ortiz. Manny then crushed a slider over the Monster and onto the roof of the parking garage, ending the no-hitter, the shutout, and the NY lead. Lopez singled down the left field line, Lowell reached when E-Rod couldn't make a good throw on his dribbler (ruled a hit) and Pena also singled down the left field line (the 6th straight Sock to reach safely). Lopez scored on WMP's hit and gave the Sox the lead.

Johnson threw more pitches in the 4th (30) than he did in the first 3 innings (29).


After 3: Yankees 3, Red Sox 0.

Beckett has thrown 64 pitches. His near-refusal to throw his curve (fear of blisters?) means that every single hitter is waiting for his fastball. And yet, even though the Yankees scored 386 runs yesterday, no Red Sox pitcher will throw inside -- even once -- to brush a New York hitter off the plate. Why not?

Beckett has walked four in three innings and allowed a solo HR to Bernie Williams. He looked like absolute shit in the first inning -- and only escaped trouble because of a stupid bunt by Jeter and a Slappy GIDP. Cabrera and Abreu have both stolen second, as Beckett didn't even bother to look over to first base.

Manny has been the only Sock on base, courtesy of a walk. After that, Lopez struck out and Lowell GIDP. Exactly what you'd expect from Tito's moronic lineup.

There must be some Tito-Theo tension going on re: roster construction, because while I yell at Francona a lot, but he can't be this dumb. Can't be. It feels like one of the Jimy-Duquette feuds of yesteryear.


Randy Johnson (4.92) / Josh Beckett (5.02), 1:20 PM

Damon, DH         Youkilis, 1B
Jeter, SS Loretta, 2B
Abreu, RF Ortiz, DH
Giambi, 1B Ramirez, LF
Rodriguez, 3B Lopez, C
Cano, 2B Lowell, 3B
Posada, C Pena, RF
Williams, CF Kapler, CF
Cabrera, LF Gonzalez, SS
Looking at that 5-6-7 order, it's obvious Tery has taken his stupid pills this morning.

Finally: Rudy Seanez was designated for assignment last night and Jermaine Van Buren was recalled. The Rudy move comes about three months too late. I still can't believe they sent Breslow back down before this series. Oh no, Theo, we won't need a LHP who throws 90-92 with control.

Reality Check: Winning three games with with Beckett, Schilling and Wells is quite possible. Taking two of those three leaves the Red Sox 2.5 out with 38 games left. Not a disaster. But the turnaround for the hitting and pitching must begin now.


Jim said...

After the 2nd inning, I'm searching for words to describe how the Sox look today. "Fucking awful" is a start.

allan said...


Zenslinger said...

I'm convinced, Redsock. It's true. The Red Sox must IMMEDIATELY give back a lead.

laura k said...

I hate this game.

laura k said...

And I'm starting to hate this season, too.

DanM said...

Turn out the lights the party's over. They say that all good things must end. Turn out the lights the party's over. Tomorrow starts the same old thing.

Okay Redsock - while I don't care for the blue language in this instance it ain't bad - its fucking right on! I used to be a big Red Sox fan - now, well I watch them and hope to see them get a complete game fropm the starter because if we go to the bullpen all we get is bulls---!

Beckett here and Arroyo gone? Whassup wit dat? Can't we work on the pitching staff? For real?? If these young guns can't pitch in Portland or Pawtucket whatever can we be thinking bringing them to Boston? Why do we have Seanez and Tavarez (and if they must be here why would we ever let them pitch more than an inning at a time?) Is it a surprise that Timlin is tired at the 120 game point? Look at last year and the year before - he is following Foulke out the door.

The comments of all here at Joy of Sox are correct - our closer is really a starter and our starters are really dead! From the shoulder down (Schill is still ok, but works harder and harder every outing just to stay close.)

Rats, rats and triple rats. I wanted to watch baseball into Halloween. Rats again.

Well, there is always the pre-2004 battlecry:


Brokenhearted in DC

allan said...

I'm not giving up either. I'll be watching games out West at 2:00 am next week as usual.

Just very annoyed, angry and dismayed.

Winning the next two would be huge, much more than just taking 2 of 5. ... It really feels like season-saving time.