August 15, 2006

G118: Tigers 3, Red Sox 2

3 GB.


Jeremy Bonderman (3.76) / Curt Schilling (3.89), 7 PM

Amalie Benjamin, Globe:
Trot Nixon headed to the hospital today after a minor infection developed in his right elbow, a team source confirmed. The infection -- which just needed to be checked out and cleaned up -- should not significantly derail Nixon's return to the team from the disabled list.


Zenslinger said...

Wish I was watching Curt pitch right now -- 16 pitches (12-4) in two perfect innings.

Jere said...

Bronson woulda caught it.

brian said...

Would Bronson have walked Guillen after being ahead 0-2? Blaming Wily Mo is foolish and the easy way out.

Edward Lee said...

Would Bronson have thrown out the guy at home?

Danie said...

Ugh.... someone put me out of my misery all ready.

Football... I need the once a week insanity of football. Everyday is just too much.

And the most important question is, would Bronson have waved Manny around third last night??

Jere said...

"Blaming Wily Mo is foolish and the easy way out."

A guy drops an easy fly ball, causing the winning run to score. And I'm a fool for blaming him? Besides, I didn't say I blame him for the entire loss. But to not give him any, I think, is what's really foolish.

brian said...

He should have made the catch, but making an accurate throw to get Guillen at the plate would have been highly unlikely with the angle of the play. That run would have scored anyway. If Casey had come on in to score then Wily Mo would have been to blame.

Just a real tough loss. Leadoff BB's haunt you in the late innings.

Boomer needs to deliver a big time start tomorrow. We can't get swept. Alos, the O's have to step up and get 1 W this week. It's realistic to hope to be 2.5 back for the showdown.

Jack Marshall said...

An error is an error (and that one should have been charged as an error). But you could see it developing clear as day. WMP was thinking about the wall, digging for the ball, and trying to decide how he was going to spin and make an accurate throw once he caught the ball. I was wondering, as he ran for it, if he should have let it drop foul, and maybe he was thinking about that too, since it was close....I'm pretty sure the runner scores even if he catches it cleanly.

Walking the lead-off man was really suicidal, and unlike Timlin. But basicly the team has to start hitting good pitching, and Bonderman is awfully good.

Jere said...

"And I think if he catches it, I mean I know they are gonna send (Guillen), but I think odds are in our favor that he is not safe. (Pena) wasn’t that deep.” -- Terry Francona