August 20, 2006

G123: Yankees 8, Red Sox 5 (10)

Another game, a new worst loss of the year -- as Tito descends to a depth of managerial idiocy that might surprise even Grady Little.


9:45 PM -- Mark your calendars. John Kruk said something intelligent: "You can't count a team with Ortiz and Manny out. They need a leadoff hitter to get on base. Frankly, I'm not sure why they ever moved Youkilis out of the leadoff spot."

9:15 PM -- Rain delay with the Red Sox ahead 2-0 after two innings. Boston strung together four straight hits against Mussina in the first (Loretta single, Ortiz single (w/Damon error), Ramirez RBI double, Youkilis RBI single).

Schilling has thrown 41 pitches already (including 10 to strike out Derek Jeter in the first), but looks great (fastball at 96-97 and a good split). ... Before the game, Jermaine Van Buren was sent down and Javy Lopez called up.


Mike Mussina (3.54) / Curt Schilling (3.83), 8 PM

A matchup of pitchers of Game 1 of the 2001 World Series and Game 1 of the 2004 ALCS.

The ever-so-comfy at the plate Yankees are the first team to score 12 or more runs in three straight games against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

This shit has got to stop. Now. And while Schilling should not waste any time brushing a Yankee back -- his first opportunity would be Johnny Damon -- he should also shave Bobby Abreu, who has reached base 12 times in 18 plate appearances in the series.


s1c said...

you are fooling yourself, I've already started working on adding another nail to the picture for my last post. This team has no fire, no pride, no guts. They are just pathetic right now, and I really see no hope for the last 40 games.

laura k said...

In Toronto, during the rain delay, FAN radio (which carries the ESPN game on Sunday nights) is replaying Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.

Gutch220 said...

^I'm a Yankee's fan and I've had enough of that game. It's over with. I like "Yankeography's" better because its a documentary, not a game you've already seen. Does NESN have "Red Sography's"? :)

laura k said...

Nope. NESN could do so much more with Red Sox history.

They should make a movie of Allan's book. And hire me to write the screenplay. :)

allan said...

Tom Werner, are you out there?

Stankyfish said...

Too bad the Sox have to carry so many shitty pitchers on the roster that they have no bats on the bench to pinch hit for Mirabelli with the bases loaded and 2 out in the 8th.

I hope two runs is enough.

The Ravin' Mainah said...

Here comes big 'pape'bon - thank god. Let's shut these Yanks up.

allan said...

i cannot believe how far up his ass tito has his head.

2 innings to go -- where is papelbon?

instead we get to watch timlin and lopez load the bases -- and papelbon still has to get the 6 outs he would have had he started the 8th, but now the bases are loaded.

is tito daring theo to fire him?

Stankyfish said...

Francona needs to go. I just don't understand why continues to give chance after chance to players who have proven that they're not up to the challenge. Instead of bringing Papelbon in at the start of the eighth, he's brough in to get six outs with the bases loaded.

Stankyfish said...

Thanks, Pap. I wonder if Tito learned anything there.

With the Sox playing as poorly as they have been, their best pitcher sits unused on the bench most nights while the rest of the pen serves up BP and free bases.

SoxfaninNJ said...

Thank you baseball gods for Jonathan Papelbon!!!

The Ravin' Mainah said...

This game would be over if Papelbon was brought in before the bases were loaded with no outs in the 8th inning...stupid it's up to the other Big Papi.

thatdietcokegirl said...

isn't this so like beyond painful that it's almost awesome?
iiii...don't even know what to say. i'm stunned. but it ain't over. we are getting those fuckers back (those ugly fuckers. man, between baboon-guido abreu, greasehead giambi, fathead melky, and scuzzy moustache johnny i'm ready to hurl)

you ugly bitches are not going to win the AL East. so just get used to that notion now ktxhxjhxcjhvkjshdf

Sean O said...

Please kill me. I want to get rid of every single player except for Ramirez and Ortiz, and yes, I actually mean every single player.

Mr. Papelbon, you get packaged with one of the other big-priced fatheads to see if we can't get a pitcher who can make it a goddamn inning without blowing the game.

Mr. Hansen, I was praying you were injured after the Giambi homer, just so there would be a excuse for you being so shitty.

Mr. Beckett, I hope every single arm muscle explodes on you, so you can't pick up a peanut without discomfort. You've wasted your gift and you're a dumbass to boot.

In summation, I want to cry, or punch something. Instead, I think I'll go gently pat my cat, since it's not his fault. At least I think.

brian said...

Wow. Once again, thank you to Curt Schilling for giving us everything you had. I'm getting more and more upset that you are wasting all of this with a "rebuilding" team.

Papelbon almost escaped what would have been a most impressive save. (Why not have Kapler play real shallow with Jeter up? You know where he's trying to go with it.)

Timlin sucks, Javy the Pitcher is worse, and Wily Mo/Hinske had 2 horrible AB's with the Bases loaded and only 1 out. The stink is spreading.

Our Coco update: 6 of the ugliest AB's you'll see from a leadoff hitter. You can't use the speed when you can't get on base.

It's officially Wildcard time, and we may be blowing any chance at that with this series and the upcoming nightmare of a roadtrip.

thatdietcokegirl said...
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thatdietcokegirl said...

paps came in in the usual pain in the fucking ass bases-loaded difficult situation tho, and gave up only one run on a sac fly in the 8th then striking out two batters in a row. i like jumped in the air when he did that.
then fathead uglyface got a double to lead off the 9th and mf belli can't keep the ball infront of him so fathead goes to third. he was so close to ending that game and being the hero, but godddamn jeter has to scrape in a bloop hit that scored fathead. i didn't even care about that, freals. there is so much pressure on that guy cause EVERYONE ELSE FUCKIN SUCKS. i was thinking we'd walk-off with the win in the 9th, but even after ortiz got to 2nd on slimeball giambi's error with noone out we still couldn't do it. and then my guts were literally at full rolling boil to see hansen out there for the 10th. just. what the fucking fuck tito. what the fuckkkk.

greggy said...

I thought papelbon looked very hittable tonight, but the Yanks kept letting fastballs down the middle go by, and then chasing that damn splitter in the dirt with 2 strikes. Oh well, all's well that ends well! :)

allan said...

night everyone. see you in the morning.