August 11, 2006

The Driver Speaks

David Ortiz: "You always go through these times every year and then we start playing better. We've got to hang tight and go home and win some games. There's nothing you can do but hang in there."


The road is getting rougher, there won't be any smooth pavement for dozens and dozens of miles, but we never get off the bus. Never even consider it. ... Not even when the toilet backs up, the AC quits, our head is pounding, and the sweaty guy next to us starts eating his lunch with his mouth open and humming. ... Homicidal thoughts come and go, and return. We consider leaping out of the window. ... A couple of people got off a few hours back, and we shook our heads in pity. ... We're riding this bus to the very end.

The driver will get us there.


Jere said...

At first I totally missed the fact that Ortiz's quote ended and yours began. Wow, I thought, David's really going wild with this bus analogy, and is using very good English...

Anyway, I'm on board. PISSED, but on board, as always.

Jim said...

Oh yeah, 6.59 tonite I'll be right there, praying that MLB-EI is carrying the NESN feed (although the O's with Palmer is OK). Trouble is, the 'lucky' Sox stuff in my wardrobe doesn't seem to working at the moment. We'll have to get down to bare necessities.

Starting Aces said...

Cesar Crespo isn't the only thing the Sox are missing this year, apparently.

Seriously, though, these teams the Sox are playing are putting up their best games of the season. Tough break in a division race, but the Sox have taken advantage of that before.

laura k said...

At first I totally missed the fact that Ortiz's quote ended and yours began.

Me too. I thought, Ortiz is channeling Allan, very nice!

I'm gonna make sandwiches for the whole bus. Please eat with your mouths closed.