August 16, 2006

G119: Red Sox 6, Tigers 4

David Ortiz's two-run home run (#42) in the bottom of the fifth gave the Red Sox a 3-1 lead. But David Wells gave the runs right back -- does this happen to the Sox way more often than other teams? -- allowing a solo shot to Magglio Ordonez and a two-run bomb to Brent Clevlen. Tigers 4-3.

But, lo and behold, Justin Verlander gave those runs back. With one out, he walked Mike Lowell and with two outs, gave up a single to Javy Lopez and another walk (his 7th) to Alex Cora. Jim Leyland stayed with his starter (he was at 100 pitches) and Coco Crisp lifted a 2-1 pitch to the opposite field. It hit off The Wall above the standings, and two runs scored. (Cora also scored, but Bruce Froemming (umping his 5,000th game) blew the call, not seeing Cora get in under the tag.)

Craig Hansen relieved Wells with one on and two outs in the seventh and ended the inning with one pitch. He then made quick work of the Tigers in the eighth (single, DP, groundout). (Does that count as a second inning?) Jonathan Papelbon needed only six pitches in the ninth.

Crisp has looked much better in the leadoff spot; he walked, singled and doubled, and made a nice diving catch in right-center. Ortiz homered and walked three times; Cora and Mike Lowell each walked twice and Lopez walked and singled.

ESPN had the game, with Gary Thorne and Steve Phillips. ... Moronapolooza. ... We did the wise thing, and watched the game on mute.

Baltimore scored one run in each of the first three innings against Corey Lidle and made it stand up (overcoming an obvious blown call and gift to the Yankees on what should have been a game-ending double play), beating the Yankees 3-2, cutting the Chokers' lead to two games. Damon made the final out. ... The Royals are routing the White Sox, so it looks like Boston will be two back in the WC also.


Justin Verlander (2.95) / David Wells (6.23), 7 PM

The Red Sox are currently three games behind both the Yankees in the East and the White Sox for the Wild Card. ... Schilling:
I'm not talking about the Wild Card. I don't care about the Wild Card. That's for second-place teams. We can't think like a second-place team right now.
Win tonight, David, and I'll send you a few of these:



allan said...

Hi. Comments may be turned off overnight, as they were last night, on a regular basis. So if you can't post, hold your thoughts and put them up in the morning. Thanks.

Jack Marshall said...

(Just curious...why is that?)

Meanwhile: When do you think it will penetrate Terry's skull that the inconsistency in the offense has coincided with Crisp replacing Youk at the top of the line-up?

allan said...

(Nocturnal troll.)

I don't know if there is a connection. Anyway, I've decided to give the lineup thing a rest. ... For a day or two.

Zenslinger said...

Wells seems to be pitching very well through two.

God, we need something to smile about tonight.

Neil Hay said...

You better send those donuts express!

First time that Papelbon has looked like Papelbon in a while.

laura k said...

Whew. Just what we needed, in Boston and the Bronx.

Wells, Hansen and Papelbon all good. Whew.

laura k said...

Anyway, I've decided to give the lineup thing a rest.


allan said...

In the blog, I mean.

You'll still hear me bitching every night, as usual. :>)

brian said...

Big W. Coco's starting to be an impact player on this team. Big sac bunt, big 2 run 2B, nice sliding catch. After the deadline he has looked real comfortable.

Aside from the rook's bomb, Boomer threw the ball well. Froeming's refusal to give him the outside corner forced him to challenge Infante on the 2B (he scored the 1st run) and Inge before he singled and scored on the HR. If Boomer can get Todd Jones treatment on the corners he can be real successful down the stretch.

Zenslinger said...

Watched in the bar (therefore on mute) with Yankee fans as I often do. Was a real relief. Will sleep well tonight (unlike last night).

Miguel said...

At some point in the ESPN broadcast we heard how Wells how to go deep in the game, because of the doubleheader tomorrow with the Yankees. This was repeated again, sayoing tomorrow is Friday and Francona does not want to use relivers and I had to turn around and ask my wife if I was nuts and today was really Thursday. Incredible!

Anonymous said...

when i saw your question about whether or not the giving runs back happens to the sox more than other teams, i was all geared up for another ortiz-style numbers post. oh well--perhaps later?

anyway, i have thought of you every time anyone other than wily mo has been in the #5 spot. which has been alot. maybe that's kind of creepy, i don't know. :-)

laura k said...

In the blog, I mean.

You'll still hear me bitching every night, as usual. :>)


Peter N said...

As good as Coco is lookin', and he is, Youk is looking strong batting behind Manny. I like it!

Jack Marshall said...

OK, I'm waiting for the aplogies due to David Wells. Whatever his weight, the guy came to the rescue just in time (at least, I hope it was in time) and has provided two big wins, in pain, against two good hitting teams. If the Sox turn it around (and they will), fans need to remember that Wells was there when he was needed.

Meanwhile, can someone explain why Eric Hinske would ever be an upgrade over Lowell or Youk? Sure, bench depth helps, and another talented player is always worth adding, but I would sure rather see a reliable swing-starter/long reliever coming in the door.

Nice to see that Toronto is throwing in the towel, though!

By the way, Redsock: I ENJOY your bitching about the line-up....

laura k said...

Meanwhile, can someone explain why Eric Hinske would ever be an upgrade over Lowell or Youk?

No. No one could rationally explain that.

By the way, Redsock: I ENJOY your bitching about the line-up....

Please have a seat on our couch. It's lovely on Lake Ontario this time of year.

allan said...

I've never been keen on Wells as a person (he's an obnoxious hypocrite), but I absolutely believe he can (and will) help a lot in the next two months. ... I can't remember if I need to apologize.

I thought that after getting drilled on the knee, he'd pack it in. His prior comments seemed to indicate he would.

Hinske is only for the bench. He can play a variety of positions and the Sox needed a LH bat. He's gotta be a better PH choice than Kapler.

Jim said...

Amazing how a win makes the morning sunnier. Wells looks like he intends to stick around and contribute to one last big party. I doubt Hinske is anything other than first lefty hitter off the bench and maybe some spot OF, backup 1B/3B duty. He does play hard and will be a good candidate for the "change of scenery" cliche. Hopefully there is no lurking intention to plug him in at third if Lowell's hitting slump continues. Lowell's D at third has saved this team's bacon (and pitching)too many times this year. Leave him in to work things out.

Jack Marshall said...

Redsock: I think you have Wells' personality pegged, but his character as a competitor is unassailable. I was only referring to the venomous contempt he drew here in April, which I thought was unfairly disrespectful. Liking and respecting are two different things: I thnk Wells has earned our respect. It's time, in other words, to talk about his guts rather than his gut.

Re Hinske: The Globe today implied that he would be rotated regularly with Lowell and Youk...a terrible plan, if true.

(The O's are beating up on the Yankees; with any luck, the gap will be 1.5 games by tomorrow....)