August 1, 2006

Got NESN Pregame?

Beth at Cursed to First has the news:
It should also be noticed that this tremendous post on Joy of Sox was referenced by Gordon Edes on NESN's pregame show tonight. A proud day of enhanced credibility for bloggers everywhere. Kudos to Edes for revealing his source, too -- and giving credit where credit was due, even if it was to a "late-night fanboy" as the CHB likes to refer to bloggers.
One of you nuts must have taped the pregame. (Get thee to Youtube.) I have some goodies for anyone who has a recording.


Anonymous said...

I, too, caught the props from Edes to Woody on the NESN pre-game last night. Kudos, redsock. In terms of other media outlets, there was an interesting discussion this morning between Olney and Stark on ESPN radio:

- Stark opined that of all the contending teams in the AL, BOS is the one "best built for October, but can they get there?" Injuries to Tek and Trot, absence of depth in rotation, no trades done to shore-up same, etc.

- He favors the MFY as a result of pre-deadline moves, (" built for August and September.."), while Olney goes with DET. Hard to argue with either of them the morning after the third start of the Jason Johnson era.

- Stark, overstating the obvious, cited the leadership that Tek provides (a "combination point guard & Vince Lombardi in shoulder pads") which BOS will sorely miss. No shit, Sherlock.

- In pursuit of catching while Tek is on the shelf, Olney cited Mike Lieberthal and Javy Lopez as two guys who would fit the hired-gun mold, both of whom come with sporty salary numbers that make it unlikely anyone else would put a waiver claim on either simply to block the deal.

One never knows, though, does one? Of the two, I'd take Lopez off Peter Angelos' hands in a minute. Given the way Lopez has hit in Fenway, he would be an intruiging addition, especially when rosters are expanded in September to provide a 3rd C/PH off the bench.

Of this I'm certain - Ken Huckabee is not the answer.

Beth said...

in fairness, a commenter to your post last night mentioned it before i did. but i'm glad i could be the bearer of good news for you!

Peter N said...

Wow---I just read Edes article, and I was proud for you! Well done. Good catch Beth!

Josh_G said...

do the Sox have any interest in trading for Jason Larue?

allan said...


I sure hope Edes didn't say that.

Anonymous said...

No, I believe I heard Edes say that reading the blog induced a Woody.... :)

Rebecca said...

what article, peter? I thought it was just the pre-game, which I ::cringe:: can't get.

Peter N said...

Right here, Rebecca

Take care.

Peter N said...

And don't cringe! Have a great summer.