August 17, 2006

Thursday Afternoon in New York

Orioles - 103 305 000 - 12 9 0
Yankees - 110 000 000 - 2 7 2
And so ...

Yankees 70 48 --
Red Sox 69 50 1.5


Zenslinger said...

They put in most of their "B" team to rest up for the Sox. Myers did 2.1 innings of scoreless mopup and they put in the guy they brought up for Lidle's bereavement leave for the ninth. I guess Lidle is going to be back for the start in Game 5 at Fenway.

Sir Slap-a-lot's error was rescored to Jeter.

stefan said...

"They put in most of their "B" team to rest up for the Sox."

Before or after it turned into a laugher?

Jack Marshall said...

I've had it with BOTH Tito and Theo. A critical series against the Yankees, and deep in the 7th inning of the first game, the Sox have used only their two worst pitchers, neither of which, arguably, should even be in the major leagues. How could Theo let the 5th starter void continue so long? Why can't Francona be creative and try something new? It's not as if Johnson's inability to give up less than 4 runs every f innings or so was in doubt!

Pathetic...I'm disgusted with this team's "brain trust."