August 6, 2006

G110: Devil Rays 7, Red Sox 6 (10)

This one was worse.

I missed about half of the game due to work -- the good half as it turned out (grrr) -- and after my MLBtv crapped out, I listened via radio. Just a pathetic, pisspoor effort.

And for the first time this season, I am having doubts about whether this team can even get to the playoffs, let alone win October games. If they have such trouble with minor league teams like Tampa (god I hate those fuckers and their piece of trash "stadium", and the heckler needs to be force-fed a shit sandwich) -- if the bullpen keeps sucking as hard as it has been -- well ....

Good: Jason Johnson pitched extremely well (6-3-2-1-1-3, 98) and I'm wondering why he didn't start the seventh (Francona dozes while Beckett allows seven straight hits, but he seemingly pulls Johnson early). ... God hit his 40th HR. ... Manny extended his hitting streak to 22 games (though it was a gift-wrapped hit).

Lineup: Coco struck out four times in the leadoff spot while #5 hitter Youkilis singled twice and walked twice. Fucking A, Tito! It's not that hard. Put Yook at the top and leave him there. Put Pena at #5 (even when Lowell returns) and leave him there. Put Coco 7th or 8th.

Arms: Why didn't Papelbon pitch the 10th? He has thrown only two innings in the last week and was at 26 pitches. And the team is off tomorrow. ... Francona used him for five outs with a one-run lead, why not six outs with a two-run lead? ... And why Sexy Lips? Seanez has been better this year; Snyder was out there, too.

Fact: We have not won a game by more than one run since July 25.

Damage: Two games out in the East and tied at .5 behind in the wild card. .. And the mighty Royals on Tuesday.


Jason Johnson (6.25) / JP Howell (14.73), 1:15 PM

Joe Maddon on Manny Ortez:
Those guys are freaks, they are. If you throw a strike and they can reach it, they hit it. Hard. Ruth and Gehrig. Batman and Robin, I dunno. They're like the best combo in the history of the world. Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and red wine. They're the best I've ever seen.
Corky Miller gets the start behind the plate today -- our fourth catcher in four games! Woo-hoo!


9casey said...

Chocolate and Red Wine?????

laura k said...

Gotta like Joe Maddon for that quote.

9casey, try it, you'll see. But both the chocolate and the wine have to be good, like Manny and Ortiz. Don't swig some Fetzer after eating a Kit Kat and expect results.

laura k said...

It's good to vent, but let's get a reality cheque, too.

We have a very good team, and like most good teams, it has some holes. Fortunately, all our competition has holes, too.

Two games back with 52 games left to play is not such a bad position.

All teams, all seasons, go through crap periods like we're having now. For a look at the Crap Of 2004, read the Joy Of Sox book. There were times that season looked completely hopeless. And yet.

So while I agree with most of this post - including the shit sandwich - let's not lose our heads.

We are going to the post season. And not as the friggin wild card.

brian said...

Yeah, we definitely aren't cooked just yet. The stupid dome gave us fits this year (3-7)

Our bullpen is really struggling -Varitek. Also, something has to be wrong with Timlin. We need a healthy Keith Foulke to come back and spark the pen.

What's the point of wondering why on earth Tavarez came in for the 10th?

Pitching aside, the bats need to heat up and stop stranding small villages each night. We even miss Tek's bat.

2 weeks until the big 5 game showdown. We can't fall any farther behind. I'd love to gain these 2 games back before that series.

laura k said...

2 weeks until the big 5 game showdown. We can't fall any farther behind. I'd love to gain these 2 games back before that series.


Jim said...

I don't know which was worse, losing the game or having to accept losing 7 of 10 in Tampa. Compounding this was flipping to the Yanks game between innings only to find either an Oriole squander or a Yank tack-on. The question now is whether the Sox can cobble together enough pitching to play even .500 ball the rest of the way. History tells me not to write this team off with 52 games left, but my eyes tell me something different. Wake and Foulkie returning as saviours? I just don't know.

Jack Marshall said...

Tell us again about those untradeable kids in the bullpen, Theo. Some bullpen help was sure called for, even if you couldn't get a 5th starter who wasn't on life support.
Talk about bad timing: just when Hansen and Delcarmen start showing their ages, after Taveras and Seanez and Timlin have been showing THEIR ages, Papelbon picks this game of all games to throw a meatball.

Of course, the score should have beem about 10-2 when the pen started in being crappy as usual, so it shouldn't have mattered.

I just hate watching the team when they're playing like this.I feel like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange...

I know none of this is constructive or rational, but I'm pissed.

thatdietcokegirl said...

yeah, i think we should all get together and go slap a muzzle on that pain in the ass heckler.
i always wonder about the people sitting around him. don't they ever tell him to shut up? that would so piss me off if i had to sit next to that fucker the whole game and listen to him carry on and on.


i just hope these games won't mean anything at the end of the season, that's all.